GTA Online may be hinting at a movie DLC with Michael, says insider

GTA Online could get a movie DLC with Michael (Image via Sportskeeda)
GTA Online could get a movie DLC with Michael (Image via Sportskeeda)

A new piece of information related to GTA Online was recently leaked. As per the leak, it seems like the title might receive a 'movie DLC' in the future.

With information related to GTA's upcoming sequel popping up each day, fans are getting more and more curious to find new forthcoming updates related to GTA Online as well.

Tha game has received multiple DLCs since its release in 2013. Rockstar Games hardly allows any information to sneak out before the announcement date, but a new piece of information came to the front recently. Though it is a mere supposition, it is indeed an intriguing one. Let's learn more about it.

Insider hint suggests new GTA Online DLC will involve Michael

Recently, two new changes were found in GTA 5's files. A new spawn point seems to be added in front of Record A Studios, and one can witness an NPC sitting in a position watching some kind of movie set between 7-11 AM in-game time.

A famous insider, Tez2, who is quite well known among players for providing new snippets from time to time, tweeted:

In addition to the movie references from Vespucci Job Remix, @rollschuh2282 found out Rockstar added a new scenario spawn point, on GTAV PS5 & Xbox Series, in front of Record A Studios with "movie_set" as the assigned ped model set.A hint at a Movie DLC with Michael?#GTAOnline

Along with the tweet, he attached a picture of the spawn point and a coded version of the ped model set. In the action-adventure story mode, the game revolves around three protagonists.

Players got Trevor in GTA Online with the Heist Update, and at Franklin with the Contract update. The only one missing from the trio is Michael. There is a great chance of the information being reasonable enough to expect a new DLC involving Michael.

You can find the NPC assigned to the "Movie_Set" scenario between 7 to 11 AM in-game.#GTAOnline…

In the story mode, Michael was involved with Solomon, who credited him as an associate producer, and carried out several missions. The new spawn point scenario that the players have seen might be a hint to prepare the fan base for Michael's arrival in GTA Online. As per the tweet, the spawn point scenario has only been seen in the next-gen version of the game.

One user shared a zoomed-in picture of the NPC, who seems to have put some kind of ID Pass around his neck. The name "Vinewood" is visible in the Identification Card, thus adding more information pertaining to the above statement.

@TezFunz2 The NPC seems to have some ID pass related to Vinewood

Vinewood is the residence of many actors in the game as well as the residence of the multi-millionaire and celebrity agency owner, Franklin Clinton. This further adds to the speculation that the files possibly point to Michael's arrival with the movie DLC.

These can be never-ending possibilities, and Rockstar Games is well-known for rendering hints from time to time. After seeing these two similar additions to the game, Michael is the only one not present in Grand Theft Auto Online so far. His arrival is the only possible option the players can think of right now, if the game does get a new DLC.

To conclude, players are advised to take this information with a pinch of salt as nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Whether it is related to Michael or a completely different scenario, players will have to wait until an official update from Rockstar presents itself.

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