GTA Online gives players 2x bonuses for Junk Energy Skydives this week

A brief about the GTA Online Junk Energy Skydives and 2x bonuses for playing it this week (Image via Rockstar Games)
A brief about the GTA Online Junk Energy Skydives and 2x bonuses for playing it this week (Image via Rockstar Games)

The freemode chaos continues in GTA Online this week as the new weekly update gives double bonuses on Junk Energy Skydives. These are a series of Parachute Jump-like collectibles/challenges endorsed by Junk Energy Drink. Until June 7, 2023, players can earn double cash and RP by participating in this unique activity available at different locations in the game.

GTA Online players can still earn 2x rewards on other Freemode Challenges and Events this event week.

Junk Energy Skydives is a must-do activity in GTA Online this week (June 1-7, 2023)


GTA Online Junk Energy Skydives was added to the game last year as part of The Criminal Enterprises; however, Rockstar Games hasn’t forgotten about this fun activity and wants everyone to enjoy it this week. With double cash bonuses, it is one of the best ways to explore the Freemode while having a lot of fun.

There are a total of 25 possible locations of the Junk Energy Skydives, each giving 2x rewards this week:

  1. LSIA
  2. La Puerta
  3. Del Perro Pier
  4. Vespucci Canals
  5. Little Seoul
  6. Pillbox Hill
  7. La Mesa
  8. FIB Headquarters
  9. Alta
  10. Rockford Hills
  11. Banham Canyon
  12. Baytree Canyon
  13. Tongva Valley
  14. Land Act Dam
  15. Palmer-Taylor Power Station
  16. Grand Senora Desert
  17. Sandy Shores Airfield
  18. Zancudo River
  19. Cassidy Creek
  20. Mount Josiah
  21. Procopio Beach
  22. McKenzie Field
  23. Mount Chiliad
  24. Alamo Sea
  25. Paleto Bay

Everything else to know about Junk Energy Skydives


The Junk Energy Skydives instantly become a fan-favorite activity. As its name suggests, the whole thing is approved by Junk Energy Drink, a soft drink manufacturer inspired by the real-life Monster Energy or Red Bull.

These challenges act like normal parachute jumps, and players have to skydive through various checkpoints to complete them. However, they may get a JUNK parachute this time, either in the open or small booth. Additionally, GTA Online players can find ten different jumps available daily, set up at any possible locations decided randomly.

Players must open the map, find the parachute icon, visit the location, and press the prompt button to participate in Junk Energy Skydives. They can earn a maximum of 2,500 RP and $5,000 cash depending on the following factors:

Par Time Beaten – 1,000 RP and $2,000

All Checkpoints Hit – 1,000 RP and $2,000

Accurate Landing – 500 RP and $1,000

If players want something exciting to do in the game, they must try all the Junk Energy Skydives in GTA Online this week.

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