GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries DLC to include new missions, vehicles, character, and more

The GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries DLC will add many new elements into the game (Image via Rockstar Games)
The GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries DLC will add many new elements into the game (Image via Rockstar Games)

On June 2, 2023, Rockstar Games announced the long-awaited GTA Online summer 2023 update. While rumors suggested that it would be released on June 13, 2023, this gaming studio has now confirmed that the Grand Theft Auto Online: San Andreas Mercenaries DLC will indeed be launched on that date. Although no teaser or trailer has been offered yet, an official Newswire has revealed a slew of intriguing details about the upcoming DLC.

This includes information about several quality-of-life changes, new characters, gameplay details, and other DLC-related news. Rockstar also stated in its Newswire that other "experience improvements" suggested by the Grand Theft Auto Online playerbase would be added to the game with the update.

Rockstar Games teases numerous upcoming changes for GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries DLC

Rockstar Games shared a tweet announcing the GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries DLC will be released on Tuesday, June 13, 2023. The post included a link should take you to a Newswire article revealing that this patch will be focused on aircraft-related activities and missions.

According to the post, players will be fighting against the Merryweather Security Consulting organization, and all missions will revolve around them. Elaborating on the new gameplay style, Rockstar Games stated:

“Take flight alongside a team of elite pilots and ex-military operators to do battle against the monolithic forces of San Andreas’ largest private military in GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries, an action-packed new update spanning the streets, seas, and skies on June 13.”

The multiplayer game will also feature a new character named Charlie Reed, an expert aircraft mechanic and ace pilot looking to hire expert pilots for his Los Santos Angels team. This party will conduct raids on Merryweather, stealing sensitive data, and dropping explosive payloads on high-value targets.

Players who own a Mammoth Avenger and Hangar in GTA Online will receive new upgrades and improvements to them, which will help in this DLC's gameplay.


Aside from these, this update will include a brand-new Tactical SMG, daily time trials, the ability to claim all destroyed vehicles at once from Mors Mutual Insurance, custom description tags for garages, new vehicles for the Taxi Work missions in GTA Online, and many other improvements.

The summer 2023 update will be available on all platforms, including the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. More information about the DLC will be released by Rockstar in the coming days.

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