New GTA Online discounts this week (January 26 - February 1)

List of all GTA Online discounts from January 26 to February 1, 2023 (Image via Sportskeeda)
A detailed list of all the GTA Online discounts from January 26 to February 1, 2023 (Image via Sportskeeda)

The most recent weekly update for GTA Online has added several new deals, offers, and discounts to the multiplayer game. Officially released by Rockstar Games on January 26, 2023, players can enjoy all of the benefits until February 1, 2023, before the next weekly update rolls out.

Although the drip-feed vehicles and brand new clothing lines have piqued the community's interest the most, the developers have offered some eye-catching discounts this week as well. Whether you're a regular player or a paid subscriber, Rockstar Games has included discounted offers for everyone.

Properties, vehicles, and other great deals in GTA Online this week (January 26 - February 1)

Starting off with property discounts, Rockstar Games is giving players a great deal on the Arena Workshop and its related renovations this week. Grand Theft Auto Online players can purchase the custom garage at a 40% discounted rate.

Although the Arena Workshop generally starts at $995,000, with all of its upgrades and renovations, that price can increase up to $4,365,000. The game provides a healthy variety of renovation options, both in terms of productivity and decoration.

GTA Online players can customize this property with additional garage floors, office interiors, workshop decorations, mechanics, weapon experts, and other features.

Additionally, all Arena War upgradable vehicles can be converted for 30% off this week. The updated prices for some of the Arena War vehicles are as follows:

  • Benefactor Bruiser (all models) - $1,126,300
  • Western Deathbike (all models) - $888,300
  • Vapid Dominator (all models) - $792,400
  • Declasse Impaler (all models) - $846,650
  • Weeny Issi (all models) - $762,300
  • Bravado Sasquatch (all models) - $1,071,612
  • Vapid Slamvan (all models) - $925,312

Moving on to regular vehicles, GTA Online players can get their hands on the Pegassi Zentorno for 40% off this week, while the Principe Deveste Eight and Grotti Itali GTO boast a 30% discount. Although each vehicle normally costs $725,000, $1,795,000, and $1,965,000, respectively, listed below are their updated prices for this week:

  • Zentorno (Legendary Motorsport) - $435,000
  • Deveste Eight (Legendary Motorsport) - $1,256,500
  • Itali GTO (Legendary Motorsport) - $1,375,500

GTA Online players can also take advantage of significant discounts at the newly added Gun Van shop. This week, all customers can get a 40% discount on the Vom Feuer Military Rifle. This interesting weapon, which normally costs $397,500 at Ammu-Nation and Agency Armory, can now be purchased at a much lower price.


In addition to that, all throwables and body armor are available at 55% discounts. The throwables include Molotovs, Sticky Bombs, and Grenades. The discounted body armor is divided into five types: Super Light Armor, Light Armor, Standard Armor, Heavy Armor, and Super Heavy Armor.

GTA+ subscribers receive a 75% discount on the latter two product categories and can purchase them at a significantly lower price than other players.

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