"No shot the f**king parent left his workstation open" - xQc reacts to Rockstar North employee's son allegedly leaking GTA 6 footage

xQc reacts to Rockstar North employee
xQc reacts to Rockstar North employee's son allegedly leaking GTA 6 footage (Image via xQc/X||Rockstar Games)

Twitch and Kick star Felix "xQc" has weighed in on the recent buzz surrounding GTA 6. For context, on December 3, 2023, social media platforms such as TikTok, Reddit, and X (formerly Twitter) were flooded with alleged GTA 6 leaked footage. This prompted netizens to speculate that the video was seemingly leaked by the son of a Rockstar North employee.

During a Kick livestream earlier today, xQc recalled seeing the leaks on X and wondered if he would get in trouble after reacting to the alleged GTA 6 leak information. He eventually asked his audience to share the information, which he then reviewed off-screen. He said:

"Guys, what happened with GTA 6 lately? I saw on Twitter about it today. If I look at the map on stream, am I going to get banned? Chat, re-link the GTA links. I want to see it on the second monitor. Guys, do I have to mute the audio?"

After viewing the viral video, the French-Canadian personality expressed skepticism, asserting that he "does not buy it." He added:

"I don't buy, sorry. It says, 'I can only show so much for legal reasons.' Well, that's not even true! If you're going to leak something... 'it's confirmed.' 'It was a friend of the son.' But, how would they see that, though? No shot the f**king parent left his workstation open, with the f**king portal to the company still active and s**t like that. No shot!"

"Out of respect for the company" - xQc decides not to showcase the alleged GTA 6 leaked footage by Rockstar North employee's son

During the same Kick broadcast, fans asked xQc to check out the r/gta6 subreddit, where the alleged leaks were posted. Voicing his concerns about the situation, the former Overwatch pro remarked:

"Guys, guys, I can't. Is this even readable? Guys, can I watch this without getting banned?"

The 28-year-old then read out loud a message from a Kick viewer, who claimed that the TikToker who leaked the information had removed it from their account. In response, xQc stated that he chose not to show the video live on stream.


The Quebec native explained:

"'The leaker of the footage took it off for no particular reason, they claim it was good timing. Footage consists of a larger Vice City, consisting of two maps of Los Santos.' You know, chat? Guys, out of respect for the company, I'm not going to f**king leak it. Bro, I know I'm just a small part in this world, okay? But, I'm not going to bother with it."

xQc added that he was not concerned about legal ramifications if he showed the alleged GTA 6 leaked footage:

"No, it's not because I'm scared of getting legal repercussions, or whatever. It's just, like, for them to do such a big f**king... so much effort and doing so good with leaks over the years, and for like, f**king ten years and nothing leaks - I'm not going to f**king bother with it."

Tuesday, December 5, 2023, is a big day for the gaming community as Rockstar Games is releasing the first-ever trailer for GTA 6. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the latest news.

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