Rockstar North employee's son allegedly leaked GTA 6 footage: Everything you need to know

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A brief report on the latest GTA 6 TikTok leaks that allegedly involve a Rockstar North employee's son (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA 6 trailer is scheduled to be released today, and a new leak has already emerged. A TikTok user named @azzarossi revealed what looks like gameplay footage of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title before they made their account private. What's surprising is that they also claimed to be the son of a Rockstar North employee. Since then, fans have naturally been discussing the leak on X (formerly Twitter).

The footage seemingly reveals the intricate details and massive scale of Vice City, which is where GTA 6 is expected to be set. So here's everything fans need to know about the leak ahead of the trailer release.

Note: This article is based on rumors and the information present is thus suspect. The leaker's identity and the clip's authenticity have not been confirmed yet.

Who leaked GTA 6? All you need to know about the Rockstar North employee's son

A fresh GTA 6 TikTok leak has appeared on the internet, as seen in the X post above, showing what looks like a preview of the game's vast map. The leaker was allegedly none other than the son of Rockstar North employee, Aaron Garbut. The original video is no longer available on TikTok, but it can still be found on other social media platforms like X.

This comes as a surprise to most fans, especially since Rockstar is now preparing for the official reveal on December 5, 2023, at 9 AM ET. The video seems to highlight a particular section of Vice City, with a visible skyline of the city in the background, a freeway with vehicles on it, and a billboard next to it.

Some exceptionally observant fans noticed and pointed out similarities between the buildings in this leak and the massive 2022 GTA 6 leaks, which were later proven to be true. In support of their claims, the TikTok user also posted a photo of themselves with someone who seems to be Aaron Garbut.

Aaron Garbut is the current head of development and co-studio head at Rockstar North and has been working there since 1996, when it was called DMA Design. There's also another alleged leak that's being circulated online that seemingly shows a conversation with Garbut himself.

According to this chat, Grand Theft Auto 6 will have three major cities, with four smaller towns in the surrounding areas. The map is also going to be twice as big as Los Santos, and there will be a large lake in the middle. In the chat, the person who is alleged to be Garbut confirmed that the leaks are real.

There is currently no way to verify the authenticity of these GTA 6 leaks. Grand Theft Auto fans will have to wait couple of hours to see the trailer, which should give them a sneak peek into Vice City.

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