Rockstar finally releases new Karin Boor in GTA Online Last Dose update today

A brief report on the newly released Karin Boor car in GTA Online Last Dose update today by Rockstar Games (Image via crsN on GTAForums)
A brief report on the newly released Karin Boor car in GTA Online Last Dose update today by Rockstar Games (Image via crsN on GTAForums)

A brand new weekly update was just released for GTA Online today, adding the highly anticipated Karin Boor car to the game as part of the Los Santos Drug Wars: The Last Dose DLC. The two-seater off-roader is currently available for purchase on the Southern San Andreas Super Autos in-game website at a price of $1,280,000.

This is the final brand new drip-feed car that players can expect from the DLC, but previously available limited-time vehicles may potentially return sometime in the future. More information about the Subaru BRAT-inspired vehicle can be found in the article below.

Karin Boor will be permanently available in GTA Online, not for a limited period of time


Interestingly, GTA Online's Karin Boor won't be a limited-time vehicle, as it has been permanently added to the game. This allows players to buy the new drip-feed car whenever they want without worrying about missing out if they haven't purchased it yet.

This off-road utility vehicle is definitely not one of the fastest cars in GTA Online, but rather one of the slowest ones. Based on the in-game files, the Karin Boor can only reach a maximum speed of 92.58 mph (149.00 km/h). This puts it behind almost every other drip-feed vehicle in the recent DLC, at least for now.

To better understand the Karin Boor's performance, here's a list of the top speeds of all the other Los Santos Drug Wars drip-feed cars with full upgrades as tested by the famous creator Broughy1322:

Överflöd Entity MT: 211.23 km/h (131.25 mph)

Karin Hotring Everon: 202.37 km/h (125.75 mph)

Toundra Panthere: 197.14 km/h (122.50 mph)

Ocelot Virtue: 191.91 km/h (119.25 mph)

Weeny Issi Rally: 187.89 km/h (116.75 mph)

Declasse Tulip M-100: 187.89 km/h (116.75 mph)

Willard Eudora: 175.42 km/h (109.00 mph)

Classique Broadway: 160.93 km/h (100.00 mph)


Karin Boor's actual performance may vary and players can upgrade this vehicle at LS Customs and Auto Shops. Nevertheless, it certainly won’t be able to compete with popular supercars like the Ocelot Virtue or the Överflöd Entity MT.

As for its design, GTA Online’s latest car has taken inspiration from various real-life vehicles for different components:

  • Subaru BRAT – Overall design
  • Toyota Hilux (4th generation) – Rear tail-lights setup
  • Toyota Cresta (1980-1984) – Main grille and headlights

Hardcore fans of the game can find the vehicle's design similar to that of a Picador or Warrener HKR.

While it may not be one of the best vehicles to buy in GTA Online, it certainly looks like an interesting collectible for those who are outdoorsy and love off-roaders.

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