Rockstar's plans for celebrating GTA 5's 10th anniversary apparently leaked online

Players will get many surprise items during the GTA 5 10th anniversary event (Image via Twitter/@Fluuffball)
Players will get many surprise items during the GTA 5 10th anniversary event (Image via Twitter/@Fluuffball)

The 10th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto 5 and its multiplayer variant, GTA Online, is quickly approaching, and Rockstar Games is reportedly planning to celebrate the event in grand style. The recently released San Andreas DLC added many things to the multiplayer game while keeping a few as a surprise for later. However, data miners dug through the files and found several souvenirs related to the event.

Interestingly, the gaming studio quickly removed some items from the game, increasing curiosity among the player base. While the items are yet to be officially acknowledged by Rockstar Games, the community believes they may contain hints about the anniversary event and Grand Theft Auto 6.

Insiders leaked Rockstar Games' plan to celebrate GTA Online's 10th anniversary

Immediately after the GTA Online update on June 13, 2023, floorball (Twitter/@fluuffball) tweeted some pictures of new clothing that has been added to the game. According to them, Rockstar Games is yet to release these apparel for players and will do so during the 10th-anniversary celebration of the game.

The leaks showed that the gaming studio would add a new section called “Rockstar Anniversary” containing several t-shirts by the following names:

  • Rockstar Says Relax Tee
  • Rockstar V Neck
  • Red Skull V Neck
  • Rockstar Silver Jubilee Tee
  • Rockstar Lion Crest Tee
  • Rockstar NY Hoodie

Additionally, Rockstar Games will also add several outfits of single-player protagonists. During the GTA Online 10th anniversary event, players can dress as Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, Franklin Clinton, Niko Bellic, and many others.

While these were the obvious hints at the anniversary event, Rockstar Games teased players with a mysterious t-shirt that gathered the most interest in the community. Another insider named Gaming Detective (Twitter/@that1detectiv3) disclosed that the GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries update added a new t-shirt named “??? Tee” with a series of random numbers.

The insider shared a decoded image of those numbers that contained the following hidden message:


This quickly went viral in the community, with many fans and YouTubers discussing it. However, Rockstar Games quickly removed the t-shirt from the multiplayer game. Some players also speculated that the mysterious t-shirt indirectly references the upcoming game. Fans of GTA can stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more news and updates.

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