Tee Grizzley claims to make $200K a month playing GTA RP

Tee Grizzley recently revealed how much he made from GTA RP (Images via Sportskeeda)
Tee Grizzley recently revealed how much he made from GTA RP (Images via Sportskeeda)

Popular Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley claimed on July 18 that he is making over $200K per month from streaming GTA Online RP. He revealed this astounding income on The Million Dollaz Worth of Game show, a weekly podcast featuring rapper Gillie Da King and social media influencer Wallo267.

Grizzley primarily blew up as a rapper. Now, with him revealing his $200K monthly income just from playing GTA RP, it clearly shows the level of influence he has on the GTA RP scene.

Tee Grizzely talks streaming and making money

Tee Grizzley reveals he makes well over $200k a month from playing GTA. He created a lane for his friends that were actively in the streets to make money online with him.Says some of them are now making around $20k a month the legal way the only way💪🏾

During the interview, Tee Grizzley talked about how he started streaming during the pandemic and since then has accumulated a pretty sizable audience that watches his content on a regular basis.

Speaking about his interest in video games, he says that he's been playing them since he was a little kid. He also goes on to say that people make millions by indulging in gaming.

He then revealed the exact way he monitizes his gaming content:

"What I did was I created a server, a Grand Theft Auto server called Grizzley World, right? So its like Grand Theft Auto but everything in there is super customizable, you can do whatever you want.... The way that I monetized it, I get paid from the server because you got to pay to get in."

He added that the sever has 90,000 members. Revealing another interesting fact, he stated that it didn't cost him a penny to create the server.

This is where Tee Grizzley finally claims that he is making 50K per week from GTA RP, which basically translates to 200K a month. This is very impressive as he mentioned that he used to make 5K a month when he started out.

He then talks about how he uses his Grand Theft Auto RP streams in multiple ways to diversify his income:

"I am streaming on Twitch, I get paid from Twitch. I take the Twitch videos that I have already streamed and put them on YouTube. Get paid from YouTube. Then, I get paid from the server. Then, you got sponsorships, and you got ads."

All of this, combined with the money coming from his custom server, makes it easy to believe his claim that he is earning over 200K a month by just playing Grand Theft Auto RP.

This entire interview showed just how passionate Tee Grizzley is about Grand Theft Auto RP and his knowledge of effectively monetizing gaming content.

Moreover, many of his fans had already guessed that he was making a ton of money from his gaming content, especially after his official esports deal with XSET back in April of this year, which he — funnily enough — made on his own Grand Theft Auto RP server.

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