Two unused GTA Online vehicles reportedly found amid Los Santos Drug Wars update that Rockstar never used

A brief report about the unused GTA Online vehicles so far (Image via Monkeypolice188 on Twitter)
A brief report about the unused GTA Online vehicles so far (Image via Monkeypolice188 on Twitter)

GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars continues with the latest weekly update. However, it seems that there are some vehicles that Rockstar hasn’t used yet.

A gaming enthusiast, Monkeypolice188, reported on Twitter today that two vehicle models have been found in the game files which haven’t made an appearance in GTA 5 or GTA Online – A Baletrailer and a Trailers4. The insider also shared a history of such vehicles and shed light on how Rockstar used them previously.

Fans can expect unused vehicles to surface in 2023 or skipped entirely for GTA 6

Fun #GTAV fact: There are only two vehicle models across both games which never make an appearance in either game- Baletrailer - farm trailer with bales, since day1- Trailers4 - colorable* container trailer added in the Gunrunning update*unlike the original container trailer

As seen in the aforementioned Twitter post, Monkeypolice188 shared images of the two unused vehicle models available in GTA Online files, but Rockstar hasn’t utilized them. Based on their report, here’s what these vehicles look like:

  • Baletrailer – A farm trailer with bales on it (available since the release of the game)
  • Trailers4 – A colorable container (added in the Gunrunning update)

They also shared an image of the Graintrailer recently used in the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC. According to their research, the vehicle was previously unused since day one but now appears in a new Acid Resupply mission.

Similarly-designed "Graintrailer" was also found in the game files from day1, and only now becomes used with the latest Drug Wars DLC, where it appears in one of the Acid Resupply missions.

Giving examples of previous such instances, Monkeypolice188 shared pictures of a formerly-beta vehicle, the FBI Frogger, a custom variant of the TPI Frogger, which now appears during The Contract’s Data Recovery setup mission.

Other formerly-beta vehicles which remained unused until recently include...- The FBI Frogger, although not technically a separate vehicle, a livery for the "TPI" Frogger, which finally appears during The Contract's Data Recovery setup mission.

Similarly, a Ramp-door Mule, the only variant of 5 Mule in GTA 5, now appears during the Gunrunning Supplies mission named “Rival Competition.”

- Ramp-door Mule, the only variant of 5 (FIVE!) Mule's in GTA V to feature a ramp door at the rear rather than two swing doors. The model finally appeared in the Gunrunning Supplies mission, "Rival Competition"

Monkeypolice188 shared another aircraft, Cargobob with closed sides, which was completely unused until January 2016’s Drop Zone mode. It is a custom variant of the regular Cargobob with no sidesteps or rear-side doors.

- Cargobob (closed-sides), a variant of the Cargbob with a higher quality rear interior, and no side step/rear-side doors. It was added in the Executive and Other Criminals update, but completely unused until January 2016's Drop Zone modes.

As per the insider, the Annihilator was supposed to be present in Grand Theft Auto 5 as a police helicopter during the 4-5 star Wanted Levels.

- Annihilator, technically *not* "beta" but was never used in GTA V until GTA Online's release. Was planned to be used as a NOOSE/Police helicopter during 4 and 5-star wanted levels but got scrapped.

Finally, they shared a picture of the utility Boxville, which was originally going to have two possible liveries in the Xbox 360/PS3 versions:

  • Los Santos Dept. Water & Power
  • Los Santos Dept. Sanitation

However, shortly after the game was released for Xbox One and PS4 in November 2014, the Sanitation livery was removed permanently.

Finally, an honourable mention goes to the utility Boxville, which originally featured two possible liveries; LS Dept. Water & Power (left) and LS Dept. Sanitation (right) in the X360/PS3 version, but had the Sanitation livery removed shortly after the X1/PS4 version released.

It is not unusual for developers to create assets for a game but never use them due to internal reasons. However, after looking at the above reports, it seems Rockstar is trying to incorporate unused vehicles somehow.

With the game getting continuous support, fans can expect more vehicles to be added in the future.

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