Ranking GTA series games on basis of complexity of missions

The GTA series has a lot of difficult missions (Image via ZacCoxTV, YouTube)
The GTA series has a lot of difficult missions (Image via ZacCoxTV, YouTube)

There have been several instances in the GTA series where players have been repeatedly frustrated. Unsurprisingly, many of these situations involve missions involving aerial vehicles (even RC ones).

None of the GTA games are known for being notoriously difficult. However, a couple of the missions might become significant hurdles to progressing in the games. As a result, many players are forced to use cheat codes to complete the game.

Difficulty levels exist in many video games since most players love a good challenge. However, when a game purposefully imposes a hurdle in the form of lousy controls, this may become annoying.

Here is a list of GTA games ranked according to their difficulty, from the easiest to the most challenging.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of its writer. Only the 3D and HD Universe games were considered for this list.

Ranking GTA series games based on the difficulty of their missions

5) GTA 5

As the newest game in the franchise, GTA 5 has been dumbed down in complexity to make it accessible to many players. While this approach has definitely racked up sales, it has disappointed players looking for a challenge.

The simplified driving mechanics have been appreciated, but players will often feel overpowered in combat situations. The heists are the only part of the game that will not seem overly simplistic.

4) GTA 4 and its expansions

GTA 4 was also comparatively easier than its predecessors. The refined combat mechanics made it easier to survive massive gunfights, and it also felt realistic. Many players found the drive to be rather difficult, as it was also made to emulate realism.

The challenging parts of GTA 4 feel more engaging than annoying, even though a few missions can be frustrating at times.

3) GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City has some of the toughest missions in the entire franchise. From challenging races to using RC vehicles, it has a long list of difficult missions.

Missions like 'Demolition Man' have left most fans frustrated. While some would nail the mission on their first try, others would need countless attempts to finish it.

2) GTA 3

Another GTA game where some missions take forever to complete is GTA 3. In the first game in the 3D Universe, GTA 3 had no way to access the map. This becomes a nightmare in "Espresso-2-Go," when players must memorize the map and complete the game under a ridiculous time limit.

1) GTA San Andreas

The sheer number of challenging missions in GTA San Andreas makes it top this list. Flight school missions can easily become annoying, and not just for their difficulty. It takes a long time and quite a few attempts to get through it.

A memorable example is "Freefall," where players must enter the second-fastest plane in the game with the slowest one. Players have a small window of opportunity to succeed in this mission.

One of the most memorable failures in video game history occurs in "Wrong Side of the Tracks." Big Smoke chides CJ for failing to follow the train before its escape, and it is a tricky mission if not done properly.

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