5 reasons why GTA Online's Buckingham Pyro is worth getting

A promotional image for this jet
A promotional image for this jet (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online's Buckingham Pyro is a wonderful plane many players may find worth getting. It sporadically receives a discount from some weekly updates, further incentivizing one to buy it. Completing 33 Air Freight Cargo Missions also unlocks its Trade Price to lower its cost even more. Remember, this plane will still cost a few million dollars, even with the above savings in mind.

It is worth mentioning that the Buckingham Pyro isn't a must-own item like the Kosatka. Instead, this jet is a great option once GTA Online players have all the necessary properties and vehicles beforehand.

Note: Some aspects of this article are subjective.

Why the Buckingham Pyro is worth getting in GTA Online: Five reasons to buy this plane

1) Fastest vehicle in the game


The fastest plane in the game is also the vehicle with the highest top speed. Jets are naturally much quicker than cars, boats, etc., so that shouldn't surprise most GTA Online players. What might be more shocking is just how speedy the Buckingham Pyro is. It has a top speed of 222.75 mph, nearly three mph faster than the second-place plane.

If you want to get anywhere in San Andreas, then the Buckingham Pyro is more than capable of reaching the destination as quickly as possible. Its speed is also useful for evading other players, although one should be careful not to crash since they would be nigh guaranteed to get Wasted.

2) Excellent mobility

If you value mobility, you'll like this plane (Image via GTA Wiki)
If you value mobility, you'll like this plane (Image via GTA Wiki)

God-like top speed is only one aspect that makes the Buckingham Pyro so mobile in GTA Online. Its handling is phenomenal, making the jet more capable of making tight turns. Based on Broughy1322's data, this plane even has the third-best lap time of all vehicles in this game.

Only the Howard NX-25 and Alpha-Z1 have a slightly faster lap time, but their top speed is significantly slower by comparison. The Buckingham Pyro's acceleration is also much better than the in-game statistics suggest.

3) Weaponized jet

Its missiles can target other players or not, depending on the player's preferences (Image via GTA Wiki)
Its missiles can target other players or not, depending on the player's preferences (Image via GTA Wiki)

Some speedy vehicles lack weaponry, and most HSW cars would be a perfect example of that statement. However, many fast planes thankfully have homing missiles, and the Buckingham Pyro is no exception in that department.

Its homing missiles are average for its class, meaning GTA Online players can easily use them to destroy others and NPCs. There is no cooldown to firing them, making the homing missiles quite deadly. There is also a machine gun option for those who prefer those weapons over homing missiles.

4) Solid defenses


It takes three homing missiles to destroy the Buckingham Pyro, which is slightly more than what it takes to ruin some other planes. Thankfully, GTA Online players can also use countermeasures such as Chaffs and Flares to prevent those rockets from hitting them in the first place.

Up to ten Chaffs can be used, each with a delay of five seconds. There are 20 Flares installed, and they have a cooldown of three seconds before reusing them. Smoke is another countermeasure, although its effectiveness is quite low against a skilled player or aimbot NPCs.

5) Solid for dogfights


The above traits make the Buckingham Pyro quite useful for dogfights in GTA Online. It's not the de facto best in this niche per se, but this plane is still a solid contender for those who value speed and mobility. On a related note, this jet is also capable of wiping out ground-based foes if you aim its missiles or machine guns correctly.

Note that dogfights rely heavily on individual skills. Owning a good plane won't suddenly make a bad player great at this activity, so try to practice beforehand. On a related note, you could also defeat foes in a better jet if you're more skilled than them.

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