5 reasons to own a Hangar before GTA Online's San Andreas Mercenaries update

Hangars will be pretty useful in the next update
Hangars will be pretty useful in the next update (Image via Rockstar Games)

One property that seems worth owning before GTA Online's San Andreas Mercenaries update is the Hangar. It's already a good, albeit underrated, business as is. However, the upcoming update has a focus on aircraft and this property. It only makes sense for those who have yet to purchase this business beforehand so they can capitalize on it as soon as San Andreas Mercenaries launches on June 13, 2023.

This article will highlight some of the best aspects of the Hangar that should incentivize players to own this property. One entry will be dedicated to the upcoming update, while the other four will include good reasons to buy this business.

Note: Some aspects of this article are subjective.

Five reasons GTA Online players should get a Hangar before San Andreas Mercenaries update

1) It's getting a buff in San Andreas Mercenaries

Rockstar's preview for the San Andreas Mercenaries update explicitly states the following:

"Both new and experienced smugglers will also benefit from a range of upgrades for Avenger and Hangar owners..."

There appear to be some upgrades that incentivize players to own this property and an Avenger. One of the screenshots shows an Avenger with weapons it usually doesn't have in the current version of the game.

The GTA Online Newswire article on this update also states that players can store and customize the Avenger in their Hangar. Before San Andreas Mercenaries, players had to use a Facility to do that.

2) Excellent moneymaker


The Hangar has the best Sell Mission from a revenue standpoint. GTA Online enthusiasts can make a few million per Sell Mission, although doing it solo can be difficult for inexperienced gamers. On an event week doubling this property's moneymaking potential, you could make over $7.8 million doing a full sale, as evident in the above video.

This business is still great outside of those event weeks, as earning over $3 million isn't bad at all. There is also the possibility that the San Andreas Mercenaries update's upgrades will make this property even better.

3) Storing aircraft

An example of a player moving some aircraft around (Image via GTA Wiki)
An example of a player moving some aircraft around (Image via GTA Wiki)

Hangars are the only properties in GTA Online that can store most aircraft. Naturally, anybody interested in purchasing planes and helicopters will find this trait convenient. Players can have up to 20 planes or helicopters stored in a Hangar, which is more than enough.

One of the new planes from GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries is based on the F-35, so it would definitely be great to store that once it comes out. There are also plenty of old aircraft that would still be good to use, like the beloved B-11 Strikeforce or Hydra.

4) Aircraft customization


This property also allows players to customize these aircraft, which can be nice for an additional touch of personalization. Different planes and helicopters have various options, so GTA Online enthusiasts have plenty to change for their own liking.

Most notably, some weaponized aircraft have different weapons for a player to pick from the Aircraft Workshop. Of course, just changing a vehicle's paint job is often good enough for some.

5) Free access to Fort Zancudo

Fort Zancudo is a pretty cool location to visit (Image via Rockstar Games)
Fort Zancudo is a pretty cool location to visit (Image via Rockstar Games)

This advantage only applies to the Fort Zancudo locations. LSIA properties do not receive this benefit in GTA Online. There are a few reasons why Fort Zancudo is a handy location to have this business in:

  • You won't receive a Wanted Level for entering the property.
  • Others who chase you to this location will receive a Wanted Level if they don't own a Hangar here or aren't part of an Organization whose CEO possesses one.
  • This business is the only content you can currently buy in Fort Zancudo.
  • LAZER P-996 jets spawn here.

Ultimately, this bonus is pretty sweet since it's a rare example of a specific location having extra benefits over other areas.

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