“Red Dead Online is a dead project” - Fans react to Rockstar Games not updating the popular title for over a year

A dead game with a ton of potential (Image via Rockstar Games)
A dead game with a ton of potential (Image via Rockstar Games)
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Red Dead Online was conceptually similar to Rockstar Games' cash cow, GTA Online, yet it has been abandoned for nearly a year now. Both titles act as multiplayer games to the critically acclaimed Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is arguably better than GTA 5 in many ways, as it is a more recent release, so one might think the same could be said about their online counterparts.

Sadly, Red Dead Online appears to be an abandoned title that Rockstar Games doesn't prioritize compared to GTA Online. This sentiment is shared by many online, although they often state it in less than flattering terms.

Many gamers are unhappy with Rockstar Games not updating Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online is a dead project to Rockstar Games. Out of all game companies in the industry, Rockstar Games are the most out of touch studios. They haven’t made a single effort to address the community unlike Valve with Half Life 2.…

The first reaction to talk about is the simplest one that most players can understand. This user has passionately spoken about Red Dead Online before on their account, so it's only natural that they would be disappointed that Rockstar Games isn't making an effort to address the situation.

Some players might remember past movements such as #SaveRedDeadOnline. These types of movements stemmed from them wanting to see the game get more attention. At the very least, they wanted Rockstar Games to communicate with them about their beloved title.

Unfortunately for them, Rockstar Games hasn't done much to address these concerns.

Get acquainted with any Strangers you find out on the frontier and complete their Free Roam Missions for Double RDO$ and XP.Plus, Double XP and Gold in Call to Arms, a free community outfit, and more during the latest Red Dead Online bonus event:

These few tweets go hand-in-hand with one another. The first one is from the official Rockstar Games Twitter account, and it's basically about another filler event in Red Dead Online. The replies basically consist of questions related to why Rockstar killed the game and other comments mocking the company.

The second tweet highlighted here is a humorous meme from Tez2 back in 2020. Players were complaining about the lack of updates several years ago. Suffice to say, that Spongebob meme is more relevant now than ever. Those out of the loop should know that there are new rumors stating that GTA Online is due for an update on July 19, 2022.

@RockstarGames Hi Rockstar, will you be attending the funeral we're hosting for Red Dead Online on July 13th? We're celebrating the game you abandoned on it's one year abandonversary! Let me know x
@hutchinson Not surprising considering they left Red Dead Online to die. They could have invested in what’s arguably the best Wild West simulator ever made. Instead they chose to follow the money with GTAO.

Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of tweets are from those who are disappointed that the game died. Some players even call it the one-year "abandonversary," as it's been approximately a year since Rockstar Games implemented a meaningful update in the game.

Nowadays, players just get filler updates that don't amount to anything substantial.

Red dead redemption had so much potential to be just as great as GTA online but the updates never came. 😔…
Red dead redemption online coulda been better than gta

Many saw potential in Red Dead Online. That's what makes seeing it be abandoned so excruciating, as it wasn't given much of a chance to succeed compared to GTA Online in the same timeframe. Some users even tried to bring back the iconic #SaveRedDeadOnline.

As per a reliable source with clear accuracy on Rockstar plans, remasters of GTA IV & RDR1 were on the table a few years ago, but Rockstar chose not to proceed with the projects in mind.The poor reception of the Trilogy DE might be a reason behind that decision.#GTAIV #RDR1

Worst of all, those who love single-player games might be disappointed to find out that the Red Dead Redemption remaster was canned early on in development. The laughably bad reception of the GTA Trilogy is speculated to be a reason, but there is no official confirmation on the matter yet.

This tweet is only partially related to Red Dead Online because it's the same series, but it's yet another example of this franchise drawing the short end of a stick as of late.

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