New GTA 6 leak claims game might be set in 1978

GTA leak suggests that the next game will be set in the year 1978 (Image via Sportskeeda)
GTA leak suggests that the next game will be set in the year 1978 (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA 6 rumors and leaks have been around almost as soon as Grand Theft Auto 5 was released in 2013, and the social media chatter about it hasn't slowed down even a bit. Leaks, rumors and speculations have come from various sources across the web; some from new sources, others from credible sources with a proven track record.

The upcoming game (whenever that's going to be) has built a community around itself. A member of that community, known as Preacher (also known as TheLastFishSupper and gonnaenodaethat on other platforms) claims to be certain that the game will be set in 1978. This article entertains this leak like all the others in the past. Eventually, one has to stick, right?

Note: Pinches (more like a bagful) of salt are advised for this article.

Premise of the 1978 leak for GTA 6

The Preacher has come into the limelight recently due to his prediction of Take Two Interactive buying Zynga being proven right. As can be seen above, the picture showcases the image of a dog that resembles the Zynga logo. However, there have also been some cryptic predictions from the Preacher that have been proven wrong.

In another instance, the above tweet was shared by Smoked Boabie Bob, whose Twitter bio currently reads:

PR fir Preacher aka Gonnaenodaethat & Thi Last Fish Supper. We share TRUTH whilst others bump their gums.

This was the reply posted to a tweet by Universal Studios Orlando asking users which year they would choose to visit Universal Orlando history if they had a time machine. Fans already know that GTA is one of the most successful studios of all time and is based in Universal Orlando.

This goes to a TheLastFishSupper reply to a tweet from Nick, co-founder of and co-host of the XboxEra Podcast. Nick's tweet reads:

"Why is the 25th of March so far away?"

The podcast and website are known to be active in gaming, and this googly-eyed reply from TheLastFishSupper possibly hints at a release date. Preacher was convinced that GTA 6 was going to come out on March 25, 2022.

Last but by no means the least, the Preacher, who also goes by the name of gonnaenodeathat on GTA forums, added:

"Never trust any leak unless it's in the form of cryptic but logically solvable riddles."

Well, this leak from the Preacher is as cryptic as it can be. There have been plenty of leaks and rumors related to the next game's setting, but most of them suggest a modern setting. This leak completely ignores that fact and goes the other way. At least fans did not have to wait long as March 25 came and went and all they got was GTA+.

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