GTA Online Street Dealer events' payouts reportedly leaked amid PC exploits

A leaked image associated with this feature
A leaked image associated with this feature (Image via Rockstar Games)

The PC version of GTA Online is a mess right now because of the hacking exploits, but this has led to some updated information on the Street Dealer event payout.'s owner, PLTytus, has decided not to play the title due to the aforementioned problem, which meant he had more time to update his website.

His site presents an interactive map that shows all the upcoming Street Dealer events' spawn locations, as well as their payouts. For those who don't know, these new random events feature various NPCs who have different buy rates regarding how much they'll pay for your drugs.

GTA Online Street Dealer events' payouts leaked by PLTytus

#GTAOnline Playing on PC is currently not safe, so I have little bit more time to work on website 🙃You are now able to see how much each dealer will pay you for specific drugs.Huge thanks to @TezFunz2 for helping with random float…

This tweet is a confirmation of PLTytus having the time to update the Street Dealer information, with credit to Tez2 and alloc8or. Keep in mind that this data is subject to change since things shown in leaks may not be finalized.

Nonetheless, the above example shows how much money a player could make through Street Dealers. It uses a different decimal separator than some gamers might be used to, so just keep in mind that the example used here, $33.530, equals $33,530.

Note: This article will use commas rather than periods to represent data in the thousands from here on out.

Interactive map of Street Dealers

The above interactive map shows three Street Dealer locations that may spawn at any given time, each represented by a purple speech bubble icon. How much each NPC is willing to pay you will differ from one place to another.

Here is an example of one payout:

  • 10x Weed = $29,000
  • 2x Meth = $17,500
  • 1x Cocaine = $19,900
  • 10x Acid = $15,350

By comparison, here is a different set of figures associated with a different NPC:

  • 10x Weed = $29,000
  • 2x Meth = $17,00
  • 1x Cocaine = $20,600
  • 10x Acid = $14,250

Finally, a third Street Dealer's payout to compare in GTA Online:

  • 10x Weed = $15,600
  • 2x Meth = $34,200
  • 1x Cocaine = $20,800
  • 10x Acid = $15,050

With this example in mind, players would make a good amount of money selling Weed to the first two NPCs but would be ripped off by the third one. Likewise, the third one pays far more for Meth than the previous two. It is vital to mention that these numbers will change daily. The ones listed above came from the January 21, 2023, leaked data.

How does this Street Dealers feature work in GTA Online?

Street DealersEvery day, you can find a street dealer at a different loc. & sell some drugs to them. You must own the respective businesses to be able to sell anything. Prices change daily, & the dealers also have a preference for product which they'll pay more for.#GTAOnline

The above video shows an example of a gamer interacting with one of these NPCs. GTA Online players will see a menu appear in the top left corner with all the prices that the vendor is offering to spend on your products. Every Street Dealer has a different preference for the drug they wish to pay the most for, which changes daily.

Gamers will need the following businesses to fully utilize this feature in GTA Online:

  • Weed Farm
  • Methamphetamine Lab
  • Cocaine Lockup
  • Acid Lab

The first three are MC Businesses for players who own a Clubhouse, while the latter is available in the Brickade 6x6. That's everything known so far about this new, unreleased feature at present.

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