Rockstar seemingly releasing new updates for GTA 4 and Red Dead Online soon, amidst GTA Online PC exploits

Some new updates seem to be in store for several Rockstar titles
Some new updates seem to be in store for several Rockstar titles (Image via Rockstar Games)

There are rumors floating around that Rockstar Games is working on an update for GTA Online, Red Dead Online, and GTA 4. Not only that, but the Trilogy Definitive Edition is also getting something. These reports come from @videotech_, although the exact contents of these patches remain to be seen.

Three of the games in this bunch are recent, yet the inclusion of GTA 4 getting any kind of update might seem odd to some players. It is important to note that these rumors largely steam from the titles' SteamDB, which shows that some unknown changes are being made to them.

Recent reports suggest that GTA 4, Red Dead Online, GTA Online, and the Trilogy will get updates

It seems Rockstar is thoroughly working on new updates for GTA Online, Red Dead Online and GTAIV which will likely include new security fixes. Not sure why they’re bothering to update GTAIV, but they might be removing any legacy code leftover for multiplayer and any netcode.

Since nothing is known about the upcoming updates, there's nothing but speculation about them. Common assumptions include:

  • Security reasons
  • Removing leftover code
  • Fixes and improvements in the case of the Trilogy Definitive Edition

One of the most important issues that must be addressed is GTA Online's current PC state. It's no secret that the PC version has virtually no security and that modders can run rampant without much issue.

The main problem that some players face is a new exploit that allows GTA Online players to alter other gamers' accounts, including the ability to corrupt them permanently. Needless to say, it's been a major issue that has made some people stop playing the game altogether on that platform.

The Trilogy seems to be getting a new entirely new patch since it doesn’t run on RAGE nor includes any multiplayer. I think there’s still a good chance they’re updating the game with new fixes and improvements.

The Trilogy Definitive Edition was released on Steam on January 19, 2023, without any notable changes from the last patch that took place on October 18, 2022. It would be interesting to see a new update fix some of the glitches, performance, etc., especially since it's been very unpopular among a vocal fanbase since its release.

This remaster is still scheduled to be released on the Epic Games Stores soon, although Rockstar Games hasn't confirmed the exact date yet. All that was known was that it was slated to debut in that store in late January.

New sign of a #RedDeadOnline patch/update in development.Might be…

Red Dead Online is another game notorious for not getting a substantial update in a long time. Unfortunately for fans of the title, current rumors point to the upcoming patch being security-related. Such an update is important, especially since GTA Online's current PC predicament shows how exploitable bad security is.

There is no time frame for when any of the previously mentioned patches will go live for gamers to enjoy. Rockstar Games hasn't announced anything for these updates, either. Likewise, no credible leaks confirm the details of these changes at present.

Just reminded myself, I think there's a good possibility Rockstar will finally share its next Community Update newswire in the coming days ahead. Take-Two Interactive is set to report its next earnings call on February 6th. Would be cool to see some good news for once.

There was a Community Update Newswire article released in early February last year. Some fans predict that Rockstar Games will do another one in 2023, especially since a Take-Two earnings call is scheduled for February 6, 2023. It's logical to some fans if the upcoming patches for GTA Online, Red Dead Online, GTA 4, and the Trilogy Definitive Edition could be announced by then.

However, it is crucial to wait and see. It's possible that these updates are entirely inconsequential and are nothing to be hyped about since nothing is known about them at the moment. At the very least, past SteamDB changes did seem to correlate with an upcoming patch coming out soon.

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