Should GTA Online players get the Obey 10F?

This sports coupe has plenty of customization
This sports coupe has plenty of customization (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online has finally released the highly anticipated Obey 10F. The 10F is mostly based on the Audi R8, although it does take partial inspiration from other popular sports car brands, such as Aston Martin and Lamborghini. GTA Online players may appreciate the aerodynamic build. It gives the vehicle a very sleek and stylish look.

GTA Online players may remember the 10F from the Criminal Enterprises trailer two months ago. It took a while for this sports car to arrive. The 10F is the eighth drip-fed vehicle in the summer DLC update. Now is a great time for players to finally check it out.

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What makes the 10F so good in GTA Online?

Where to buy and how much it costs

๐Ÿ†• The Obey 10F is now available for purchase in #GTAOnline from Legendary Motorsport.Price: $1,675,000

If GTA Online players are looking for sports cars, then Legendary Motorsport is the best place to shop around. The Obey 10F can be purchased directly from this website. It will cost the player $1,675,000, making it one of the most expensive new vehicles from the Criminal Enterprises update.

Benny's Original Motor Works is another good website to check out. It specializes in highly customizable vehicles like the 10F. Of course, it will have the same price tag as Legendary Motorsport.

As of this writing, the 10F doesn't have a known trade price. GTA Online players will just have to save up a lot of money for this sports car. If they want to sell it for whatever reason, they can go to Los Santos Customs and get a resell price of $1,005,000, along with 50% value from any upgrades.

There is a widebody variation

Obey 10F Widebody, Sports#GTAOnline

The 10F Widebody is an upcoming drip fed vehicle in the Criminal Enterprises update. According to GTA Online insider @TezFunz2, players will have to pay $575,000 for the conversion at Benny's Original Motor Works.

This variation will likely be released in the coming weeks, so one should keep that in mind for the future. However, they will need the original 10F, if they want the widebody version. This means they will pay $1,580,000 in total.

How it feels like to drive


Based on calculations from Broughy1322, a fully upgraded 10F will reach 126 miles per hour. Drivers can floor it very quickly with fast acceleration. With that said, the 10F has a rear wheel drive in GTA Online. Players will have to watch out for bumps in the road, but otherwise they can maintain stability.

The best aspect of the 10F is the sheer amount of customization. Rockstar has shown their research with the level of detail for each custom part. Whether it's the engine designs or the vented hoods, players have so many different approaches with this sports car.

Final verdict

Disobey 10F- Widebody ๐Ÿ“ธ#gta #GTA5 #pzysunny

Overall, the 10F is a very solid addition to GTA Online. The only real weakness is the rear wheel drive. Otherwise, it's a flashy sports car with good performance stats and beautiful customization features.

Rockstar clearly put a lot of work into their own version of the Audi R8. Sports car enthusiasts can't go wrong with the 10F, especially if they are waiting for the widebody version in the next few weeks.

It's a costly investment, but if the player is seeking a personalized vehicle with numerous options, the 10F is a good place to look.

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