Should GTA Online players get the Sentinel Classic Widebody?

The Sentinel Classic Widebody is bigger and better than before. (image via Rockstar Games)

Today marks the release of the Übermacht Sentinel Classic Widebody in GTA Online.

Inspired by the BMW M3 E30 LTO, this sports car is custom-fit with very wide fenders and a rear spoiler. The Sentinel Classic Widebody is also the final drip-fed vehicle in the Criminal Enterprises DLC. GTA Online players won't expect any more new cars until the next major update.

In the meantime, they can take a look at the Sentinel Classic Widebody. Players will likely make a lot of money with the final part of the Heists Event. If they have extra cash to spend, perhaps they can give this vehicle a chance. Benny's will give it the magic touch it deserves.

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The Sentinel Classic Widebody marks the end of an era for GTA Online Criminal Enterprises

How to convert the original Sentinel Classic

The Übermacht Sentinel Classic — already the kind of rally-ready blank canvas that mod freaks only get once in a generation. Where to from there? Only Benny knows...Upgrade now with a Widebody customization at Benny's Original Motor Works:

GTA Online players will need to convert their Sentinel Classic into a widebody variation. Of course, the upgrades can only be done at Benny's Original Motor Works. Players will also need to save up money. Like most vehicles in the game, they will be expected to pay over a million dollars.

The Sentinel Classic is listed on the website for Southern San Andreas Super Autos. It normally costs $650,000, but players can unlock the $487,500 trade price if they must complete the Diamond Casino Heist as the leader. They also need to use this vehicle during the heist itself.

Afterward, players will need to drive their Sentinel Classic into Benny's Original Motor Works. The conversion will cost them $700,000 in GTA Online. Depending on whether or not they got a trade price for the original vehicle, total costs will amount to either $1,187,500 or $1,350,000.

Price and performance


GTA Online YouTuber Broughy1332 recently uploaded a video of the Sentinel Classic Widebody. He was able to calculate accurate top speeds based on their performance. According to him, the Sentinel Classic Widebody can go 127.25 miles per hour, when fully upgraded.

Predictably, it's faster than its original counterpart, which can only reach top speeds of 117.25 miles per hour. The Sentinel Classic Widebody also has a respectable lap time of 1:03.763. Acceleration is a very strong aspect of this vehicle since it will take off right away.

Unfortunately, the Sentinel Classic Widebody isn't quite as stable as its regular counterpart. The back end might be an issue when turning at corners. At the very least, it does have good braking in GTA Online. There is also drifting potential with the way this vehicle drives.

Final verdict

Depending on their build, GTA Online players can have a lot of fun with the Sentinel Classic Widebody. Benny's Original Motor Works is widely known for its insane customization. Individuals will have to play around with a few modifications to fully realize the potential of their wide body.

Even at its most expensive, this sports car is still cheaper than most vehicles from the Criminal Enterprises update. This will be especially helpful if the player wants to save money for the upcoming DLC content.

Overall, the Sentinel Classic Widebody is a good way to end the summer update. It's quite a standout among the selection of 18 vehicles. Players who already own the Sentinel Classic should definitely upgrade their vehicle, given the extra speed boost of 10 miles per hour.

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