Some gamers are holding a “No GTA Protest” from April 4 to April 10 in response to GTA Plus

Some players are considering a “protest” in response to GTA Plus (Image via Rockstar Games)
Some players are considering a “protest” in response to GTA Plus (Image via Rockstar Games)

The controversy around GTA Plus has inspired some fans to protest the new service by refusing to play the game. A few players have been on social media, with one telling others not to play GTA Online on March 29 (when the service first launched). This latest one is similar, except it goes from April 4 to April 10.

Different users have different reasons to join in on the cause, but it’s worth noting that someone refusing to play won’t hurt Rockstar Games’ profits in the long run for various reasons:

  • These types of gamers are typically unlikely to buy Shark Cards, so they don’t contribute to the developer’s earnings.
  • Similarly, they wouldn’t buy GTA Plus regardless of whether the protest existed.
  • Some players will say that they support this cause but end up playing the game at this date anyways.
  • Rockstar only needs users who consistently pay real-life money to keep playing, and they’re not likely to participate in this cause.

Still, some gamers might be curious to learn more.

“No GTA Protest” is being held in response to GTA Plus

There have been several Reddit posts similar to the one above. In case it gets taken down, here is what it says:

“No GTA+ Protest. Join us in a Protest against Rockstars Subscription service. Simply do not play GTA between April 4 - April 10.”

Logically, it would be about GTA Online and not just any Grand Theft Auto game. After all, it wouldn’t make sense for players not to play their physical copies of the older titles. This post currently has 19.8K upvotes and over 1600 comments.

Why some gamers don’t like GTA Plus

I'm sorry, but I can't keep quiet about this. $5.99 for GTA+... this has seriously become all about money making and profiting.

There are several reasons why some fans don’t like the new subscription service:

  • It reeks of greed (to them) and is an example of Rockstar just wanting to milk the game even more.
  • The rewards aren’t worth the price.
  • They want GTA Online to die so Rockstar can move on to a new game.

GTA Plus will likely be a massive success for the publisher, given that GTA 5 and Online continue to be among the most popular games in 2022. Not many titles can boast such dominance for nearly a decade.

Thousands of people like a tweet or a Reddit post, but thousands more can also silently enjoy it and continue to give Rockstar their money.

GTA Plus protest information

The subscription costs $5.99 a month (Image via Rockstar Games)
The subscription costs $5.99 a month (Image via Rockstar Games)

Should players be interested in participating in this protest against GTA Plus, all they have to do is not play GTA Online between April 4 to April 10, 2022. No timezones are specified in the original Reddit post, and there aren’t any mentions of specific beginning and end times.

It is unlikely to dent GTA Online’s playerbase, especially since past attempts like #SaveRedDeadOnline got more traction yet got nothing for their trouble. Still, it’s one of the more notable things to happen in the GTA Online subreddit in a long time.

Ultimately, if users don’t want the new service, they can simply choose not to purchase it.

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