The Mardazo Files in GTA Online: All you need to know

The mission (Image via YouTube)
The mission (Image via YouTube)

GTA Online players know the Madrazo files are one of the most sought after items in the Cayo Perico heist mission. As the Madrazo Family Cartel are the ones that hire the GTA Online players to take on the heist when the Madrazo Files are concerned, the task seems all that much more personal and important to the family. The perfect opportunity for GTA Online players to earn $ and respect.

GTA Online players have a desire to ingratiate themselves with some of the most criminally powerful entities in the GTA underworld, and the Madrazo Family is a great place to start earning your stripes in GTA Online.

Why are the files so important in GTA Online

Destroyed photograph evidence (Image via YouTube)
Destroyed photograph evidence (Image via YouTube)

GTA Online players learn in the final cut-scene of the heist, after handing over the Madrazo Files to Miguel at his mansion, what the big secret has been all along.

Miguel is seen casually tossing documents into the fire as his mother drunkenly swans about after seemingly congratulating him on another job well done. It is not clear whether Patricia Madrazo is fully aware of the contents of the files or why her son sent this rag-tag bunch of GTA Online misfits after them in the first place.

GTA Online players catch a glimpse of a photograph burning away at the Madrazo mansion. It is an image of Trevor and Patricia in an "intimate" embrace. No wonder Miguel wanted those files so badly disappeared to destroy such disgraceful evidence to preserve the family name.

Cracking the safe in GTA Online


Getting to the files is not so tricky for GTA Online players that have completed the Cayo Perico Heist before. Once players complete the usual navigation through the guards, via the central building office elevator, to the underground vault, they are right where they need to be.

On stepping out of the elevator, turn the gate's lock and head inside the safe. Once GTA Online players reach this point, they will receive a reminder message from Pavel. This message contains the code to open the underground safe. This code does vary from game to game.

GTA Online players now only need to crack the safe and retrieve the documents. Once the players escape safely and hopefully quietly from Cayo Perico, the mission is complete. Madrazo Files successfully obtained.

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