5 things to do in GTA 5 after you 100% complete it

There is plenty to do after you 100% everything
There is plenty to do after you 100% everything (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA 5 has a myriad of content to explore after you 100% complete it. Being the largest Grand Theft Auto game released, players have no shortage of in-game features. This article looks at five interesting things you could do in GTA 5. The following list isn't ranked in any order and is based on the assumption that you have already 100% completed the game.

Some of the following tasks can be undertaken beforehand, while a few require the full game to be beaten. Either way, you can still play this game for at least another few additional hours.

Note: Some aspects of this article are subjective.

Five things to do after 100% completing GTA 5

1) Complete The Last One


100% completion in this game is a bit strange since you technically don't beat every mission like in other titles. The Last One is a mission that is only available after you 100% complete GTA 5. It involves Franklin hunting down Bigfoot, only to find out that it's a man in a costume.

Note that this mission doesn't appear instantly. You may have to wait for some time to pass before The Last One is available. Either way, completing it allows you to eat Golden Peyote Plants that transform you into Bigfoot, which can be a neat diversion.

2) Check out the UFOs


Another bonus that GTA 5 players get for 100% completing the game is the ability to check out some new UFOs. They can now spawn in:

  • Mount Chiliad
  • Fort Zancudo
  • Sandy Shores

However, you cannot enter the UFOs or do anything else noteworthy except take some photographs of them. Still, it can be cool to check them out at least once, especially since there's not much else to do after beating the game.

3) Do the non-mandatory tasks for 100% completion

Collecting Nuclear Waste is optional (Image via Rockstar Games)
Collecting Nuclear Waste is optional (Image via Rockstar Games)

In GTA 5, several tasks are not mandatory for 100% completion, meaning you have plenty of content to experience if you haven't completed them yet. These include:

  • Get all collectibles.
  • Beat all golf and tennis players.
  • Get first place in the triathlon.
  • Get the gold medal on all Shooting Range challenges.
  • Complete all Random Events.
  • Watch TV and films.

The above list is just a small example of what you could do.

4) Play GTA Online

GTA Online is very popular, even a decade later (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA Online is very popular, even a decade later (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online is the multiplayer game mode bundled with GTA 5. Anyone who owns the latter can always check out the online mode. In this case, you might as well try it out after 100% completing the single-player campaign. GTA Online is a massive game in its own right, often getting weekly updates to spice things up.

A major update is usually released twice a year. If you enjoy social interaction with other players or want to grind various new solo missions, checking out GTA Online could be a good idea.

5) Check out mods

Mod menus are just one category of mods you could download (Image via Zemanez)
Mod menus are just one category of mods you could download (Image via Zemanez)

Mods can always extend a game's lifecycle, even after you 100% complete a game. It's no different with GTA 5, except you have numerous interesting modifications to utilize. There's generally something for everybody. GTA RP servers use FiveM or RAGE MP, which are mods that offer a different kind of multiplayer experience in the game.

Alternatively, you can download something hyper-specific to your interests. For instance, there are various WWE mods for those interested in wrestling. You could alternatively use Mission Maker to create your missions and share them with others. The sky is the limit when it comes to downloading and installing something for GTA 5.

As an honorable mention, you could also check out what's happening with other games in the series. Whether replaying old titles or checking out GTA 6 leaks, there is no shortage of content on that front.

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