Top 3 creepiest masks in GTA Online this Halloween

GTA Online's creepy masks in 2021 (Image via
GTA Online's creepy masks in 2021 (Image via
Chris Black

GTA Online fans always look forward to every seasonal update, from throwing snowballs at Christmas time to wearing scary face-paints or masks during Halloween.

This Halloween, the streets of GTA Online were littered with people sporting much of the Halloween DLC, including new vehicles, hairstyles, masks and clothing.

In this article, we round up three of the creepiest masks sported by GTA players this Halloween.

DLC in GTA Online this Halloween

There is plenty of new content for GTA Online players this Halloween season, which will end on November 16. Players can buy any new item and it will remain in their inventory after the DLC ends.

Below are the top three scariest masks that have been giving GTA Online players the creeps this Halloween.

3) White Skull Burst

The White Skull Burst mask in GTA Online (Image via @killerRgaMer11)
The White Skull Burst mask in GTA Online (Image via @killerRgaMer11)

What makes the White Skull Burst mask so creepy are two things: a horrible stretched face, and a bare human skull over which it is placed. It is like something from an old zombie horror movie.

Further compounding the scare factor is a wiggly tongue poking out of the skull's mouth. While some of the other masks are creepy, like the Green Flayed Demon which resembles a swamp monster of some kind, few can compare to a get-up as macabre as this one, which many players sported this Halloween.

2) Yellow Haggard Witch

Creepy jaundice witch (Image via @MakeOutHaven)
Creepy jaundice witch (Image via @MakeOutHaven)

Witches are always creepy, there is no denying it. Rockstar has done a particularly good job with the witch masks on GTA Online, striking a healthy balance of realism and fantasy when it comes to the faces and their features.

Yellow Haggard Witch is reminiscent of the witch from the story of Hansel and Gretel; the one which throws them into the oven. This creepy mask made some players feel uneasy this Halloween. After all, who would want a witch to curse or "grief" them?

1) Green Toxic Insect

Small bugs are bad enough (Image via @DomisLive)
Small bugs are bad enough (Image via @DomisLive)

Among the creepy new masks that players were able to buy this Halloween DLC were a selection of toxic insect masks. The green version of the mask really helps drive home the point that it is a "toxic" insect.

Most people are not huge fans of insects and so it's fitting that this gigantic creepy insect head tops the list of creepy masks in GTA Online this Halloween.

Edited by Sandeep Banerjee

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