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Top 5 cutscenes and story moments from GTA 5

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Sawera Dedar
Modified 09 Apr 2021
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Rockstar Games has released a number of games over the years, but none quite eclipse the ever-growing popularity of GTA 5.

From psychotic drug dealers to power-hungry criminals to low-key narcissists, GTA 5 features an assortment of diverse and intriguing characters that keep the player hooked throughout the story. And since the whole point of video games is to break the tedious monotony of life, GTA 5 is filled with a number of hilarious, gut-twisting and shocking moments.

This articles talks about 5 of the most unforgettable scenes featured in GTA 5.

Top 5 cutscenes and story moments from GTA 5

#5 Trevor being Trevor

Everyone knows Trevor is a passionate psychopath. He revels in chaos and doesn't try to hide his dark side from anyone. Most of the scenes he is featured in are rather intense, like the scene where he tortures a guy for information using inhuman instruments. But the scene where Trevor trips over and falls down the fence after scaring a bunch of women into silence is one of the funniest in GTA 5.

Franklin, who was just standing on the other side of the fence, bursts into laughter, not realizing he was unintentionally getting a rise out of the madman, whose chaotic nature was always looking for a reason to make a scene.


Trevor doesn't find the situation so funny and starts yelling at Franklin, whose conduct and awkward expression is worth a million dollars. When Franklin asks Trevor to calm down and take it easy, Trevor actually thinks for a second before saying. "I accept… your apology. Let's hug it out." Definitely one of the most unforgettable scenes in GTA 5.

#4 Trevor killing Johnny Klebitz instead of apologising for being a jerk

The scene where Trevor brutally murders Johnny Klebitz after sleeping with his girlfriend still gets a lot of negative buzz because the whole thing was pretty barbaric. Trevor didn't have any reason to kill Johnny Klebitz, let alone do it so savagely.

But this scene shows GTA 5 players what a madman Trevor truly is. He doesn't do bad things for the Greater Good or as a means to an end. He just does bad things because he's a bad person, with no filters whatsoever.


#3 Molly Schultz getting sucked into a turbine machine

Molly Schultz wasn't necessarily a good person but she still didn't deserve to die the way she did. She gets sucked right into the running turbine and is showered out from the other side in a million unrecognizable pieces. This is perhaps the most shocking scene featured in GTA 5 – the kind that people expect in a movie like Final Destination, not a video game.

#2 Stabbing Trevor in the back

Apparently, Trevor is responsible for a lot of interesting things happening in GTA 5, but in this case, he's the one who gets dunked on by someone instead of the other way round.

When Franklin is tasked with killing either Michael or Trevor, he feels pretty devastated. Killing Trevor is particularly tragic as both Michael and Franklin will be there as Trevor burns in the fire before he's shot to death. This scene makes for one of the most spine-chilling moments in GTA 5.

#1 Betraying the Mentor


If the player decides they want to spare Franklin and kill Michael, who treated him like family, this mission will start. Franklin will chase after Michael on a rooftop and push him off the ledge. There has never been, and perhaps will never be, a scene as devastating as this in GTA 5.

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