Top 5 things beginners should buy in GTA Online

Important things for newbies to buy in GTA Online (Image via Sportskeeda)
Important things for newbies to buy in GTA Online (Image via Sportskeeda)
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GTA Online is a massive title with many things to do. Players can also get flabbergasted with the number of items available to buy in the game.

New players usually spend their money on unnecessary things towards the beginning of the game, which puts them at a disadvantage. Money is an essential resource in GTA Online, something that beginners take time to understand.

Making money is not the easiest thing for a new player to do in GTA Online. There are many different businesses, jobs, and missions that help make money but figuring out what to do is not easy towards the start.

GTA Online is similar to the real world when it comes to making money. In most cases, gamers need to spend money to make money.

It means that they need to invest money into buying businesses and income sources instead of buying new cars and weapons. Businesses will help make more money, while vehicles will just empty the users' pockets.

Five critical items that beginners should buy in GTA Online

5) Motorcycle Club


Motorcycle Clubs are a good way of making money in GTA Online. Being a president of an MC Club gives players the option of operating MC businesses.

Being president of the MC gives users many benefits, such as immediately calling upon their bike of choice. If they own all five businesses, they can make a total of $120,000 per hour.

4) Armored Kuruma


An Armored Kuruma is the first vehicle that players should buy in the game. Having this vehicle makes doing most missions much easier, as it is a sturdy car that can withstand a lot of gunfire.

The armor makes the vehicle almost bulletproof for the characters inside.

3) High-end apartment


Having a high-end apartment is one of the most critical things in GTA Online. When players buy one, they can start doing heist missions, which are understood to be the main storyline missions for GTA Online.

Gamers also get a 10-car garage with a high-end apartment where they can store their vehicles.

2) Autoshop


The Autoshop is a new property released with the latest Los Santos Tuner update. Users need to get this property as soon as possible so they can start doing Autoshop missions.

For players who own an Autoshop, this becomes one of the best ways of making money. It also lets them take up heists that are easy and pay really well.

1) CEO Office


The CEO's office gives gamers many perks in GTA Online that it's hard to mention them all. They can become CEOs, which is basically like being a VIP, only with no time limit to it.

CEOs also get access to a better laptop that lets them buy warehouses for vehicles and special cargo. These missions are the most lucrative in the game.

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