Top 5 Starfield-like mods for GTA 5

Five best mod to replicate the Starfield experience in GTA 5 (Image via GTA5-Mods/SkylineGTRFreak)
Five best mods to replicate a Starfield-like experience in GTA 5 (Image via GTA5-Mods/SkylineGTRFreak)

Starfield is currently one of the most talked-about games in the GTA community, leaving gamers fascinated by its gameplay. Many Grand Theft Auto 5 players have also tried the game and were amazed by the RPG experience it offers. While Rockstar Games is several months away from releasing the upcoming title, many have been seen searching for Starfield mods to use in the current GTA title.

Unfortunately, the modding community has yet to develop proper Starfield mods for the 2013 game. In the meantime, you can try the following five space and alien-themed mods for an out-of-this-world gaming experience in GTA 5.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions. All mods mentioned here are from the GTA5-Mods website.

Top five mods for a Starfield-like experience in GTA 5

5) Nuke Railgun V2


The Railgun is one of the rarest and most powerful weapons in GTA 5 that can destroy anything in its path. Unfortunately, the alien-tech weapon is very slow and affects only a limited area. However, modder MisterY developed the Nuke Railgun V2 mod to increase the weapon’s strength.

According to the modder, you can find the following features in the GTA 5 mod:

  • Increased damage and force
  • Increased range
  • Added explosion effect

A single shot from the modded Railgun not only destroys the target but also impacts a huge area nearby. It is great for fighting aliens and other enemies in the game.

4) Alien Invasion


Aliens are frequent visitors in the state of San Andreas, and you can find various Easter eggs referring to them. Interestingly, they have never invaded the land or interfered with daily life. However, the Alien Invasion mod for GTA 5 by modder ModMaverickX allows you to fight with aliens in a doomsday scenario.

It spawns hostile alien armies on the streets of Los Santos. You can team up with NPC soldiers to fight off the invaders. The GTA 5 mod also allows you to use any weapons to fight them. Players can test their alien-fighting skills before going to outer space.

3) Hijacked Space Station


The Hijacked Space Station is one of the most ambitious mods for GTA 5 PC. It adds a floating Space Station above the map and allows you to visit it using any plane. According to its developer, NaughtyBoy, players can go inside the Space Station and explore the interiors. It has proper outer space characteristics, forcing one to act accordingly.

The Space Station also has aliens inside. They spawn at random locations, and you must fight them. However, while doing so, you must be aware of the low gravity effect inside the premises. The modder also added some roleplay elements that players can explore while inside.

2) Space Shuttle NASA


As the name implies, this mod adds a NASA-labeled Space Shuttle to the game. The aircraft has proper interior and exterior details, providing an immersive experience. It has a docking station inside Fort Zancudo from where it can lift off for space.

Although it is a single-player mod, one of the demo screenshots showed multiple passengers inside the cockpit. The NASA Space Shuttle is also capable of traveling to the game's outer space. The mod can be used both as an add-on or a standalone feature.

1) Grand Theft Space


The Grand Theft Space is currently the only mod that can provide the closest experience to Starfield. It is an ambitious project developed by GTS Devs. It is technically a map mod that adds new locations outside San Andreas. It is one of the most popular GTA 5 PC mods, allowing you to explore outer space.

According to the developers, the mod offers 11 planets and three moons that are part of a custom storyline. You can travel to different locations, fight aliens, and do many other things with this popular mod.

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