Vending machines in GTA Online: All you need to know

Eat and drink (Image via @gta-grinder)
Eat and drink (Image via @gta-grinder)
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With no restaurants open to eat at in GTA 5 and GTA Online, players can replenish their energy and health using any of the numerous drinks or snack vending machines around the GTA map. Snacks and some drinks can also be obtained from Executive Office Assistants.

Vending machines in the GTA world have been around since GTA 3 and GTA Vice City but have only been interactive in GTA 4, GTA 5, and GTA Online. The reason for the machines not being required in GTA 3 was simply that Claude didn't need to eat, and in Vice City, Tommy was able to go eat snacks or meals at restaurants to revitalize his health.

GTA Online: A little snack is a big health fix


GTA Online players do like having easy access to snacks and drinks for health reasons. None of the junk food will affect the character's health negatively as smoking can, for example.

GTA Online players being able to get snacks from their Executive Office receptionist is one thing, but the convenience of the hundreds of available vending machines spread across the entire map in GTA Online is quite another.

Obviously, the main benefit of these vending machines for GTA Online players is the health aspect. Eating some Meteorites or drinking an eCola to regain any lost health is fantastic. These vending machines are sometimes quite literally a life-saver.

Many GTA Online players have found themselves with low health and boxed-in somewhere by enemies but have been lucky enough to have a vending machine nearby to keep their health up and the fight going strong. In this way, junk food is surely not bad for GTA Online players.

GTA Online players are thankful for the machines

Long live the machines (Image via
Long live the machines (Image via

The 'Candybox' snack dispenser and personal assistant from the Executive Office are where GTA Online players will get their snacks from. While the assistant does have snacks and a couple of drinks for the players, they will need to buy the other drinks from vending machines.

Sprunk is a player favorite for its fun-sounding name, while some GTA Online players prefer 'Classic eCola.' There are no alcohol vending machines in the game to put some players' minds at rest. GTA Online players will need to go get drunk at a good old-fashioned bar for that different kind of beverage.

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