What do GTA Online players get with the Armory?

Players can find some really powerful weapons here
Players can find some really powerful weapons here (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online players can purchase the Armory upgrade once they buy the Celebrity Solutions Agency.

It's not enough to simply buy a business. Players need to renovate their properties if they want full access to various features. It might not seem like it, but it could save them a lot of money in the long run.

A regular Agency costs anywhere between $2,010,000 to $2,830,000, while the Armory upgrade is worth $720,000. These are all readily available from the Dynasty 8 Executive website. If players plan on getting a weapons arsenal, this is a really good place to start in GTA Online.

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What players need to know about the Agency Armory in GTA Online

Players can get some really cool guns


There are several reasons to get the Armory upgrade in GTA Online. First and foremost, players will no longer have to buy weapons from a local Ammu-Nation. They can take care of everything within the safe confines of their Agency.

Of course, there's a lot more to look forward to beyond saving a trip. Here's a full list of features that players can use with the Armory:

  • Buy weapons at a discounted price
  • Select weapons can be modified with the MK II upgrades
  • Purchase body armor
  • Parachutes, rebreathers, and night vision goggles are found here
  • Get free ammo pickups and some health
  • Custom weapon loadouts will be available

All in all, the Armory upgrade is perfect for weapons enthusiasts. GTA Online is very reliant on combat experience, which is why players need to stay on top of their game. The gun locker is a very smart investment since it compliments the Agency and their various missions.

Players don't have to go to Ammu-Nation when they can bring it to their doorstep instead. Weapons discounts and free pickups are a nice bonus.

Organization members also get access to the Armory


More often than not, GTA Online is best experienced with reliable teammates. Several missions would be much easier with other players, whether it's selling off supplies or getting through a heist.

If players happen to run a powerful organization, they will also want their teammates to have the best weapon loadout. The good news is that organization members can get invited into the Agency. By visiting the Armory, they can also pick up some powerful weapons, along with some armor and health.

A team is only as good as their preparations in GTA Online. Players can always invite their friends so that they can stay one step ahead. With that said, they cannot buy weapons at the discounted prices.

Where can players find the Armory?


When players walk into their Agency, they will need to walk past the reception desk and up a flight of stairs.

Players must then go into the main hallway and run all the way to the end before climbing up another staircase. They should walk into the top floor, make a left, and make another left until they're in the Armory.

Just like that, players can access their own private weapons store. They should make sure to lead the way if their friends drop by.

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