Which is the best agency to buy in GTA Online?

Agencies are expensive, but there are also very profitable (Images via Rockstar Games)
Agencies are expensive, but there are also very profitable (Images via Rockstar Games)

Agencies are purchasable properties introduced with the highly anticipated The Contract DLC for GTA Online.

As a Dynasty 8 Executive, players can acquire one agency location from four options, with optional extras such as an armory, vehicle workshop, and accommodation facilities.

If they purchase an agency in GTA Online, it will serve as the in-game location of the F. Clinton and Partner firm. A phone call from Lamar Davis introduces users to the agencies.

The prices for agencies range from $2,010,000 to $2,830,000, a massive amount of cash for many, meaning they don't want to make an investment they regret.

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Best agency for gamers to buy in GTA Online is Vesspucci Canal, and here's why

Easy access


The agency located at Vespucci Canals is probably the best out of the four locations. It might not be the most popular one, but it has the best access to both the highway and the main road as they are situated close by to the building's entrance.

The garage is situated on the same level as the entrance, and the building is also not too tall. Players can use it to quickly land their helicopters on the roof without much trouble, as they don't have to fly too high, and the width of the roof is also wide for easy landings.

Best view and lots of empty space

Vespucci Canals has arguably the best view out of all of the locations, as the view from the building is pretty vast, and there is a lot of space around the building. Not a lot of tall buildings are present that are crowding the view.

There is also a skatepark nearby, so users who love to do bike stunts can easily pass their time as it's right next to the building.

There is so much space outside that gamers can easily park their helicopter right outside the front gate, which is a convenient aspect of this location that is not present in any other site.

The price of Vespucci is also not too high, but it is also not the cheapest, at $2,145,000. This spot is best for players on a budget but who don't want to go with the cheapest option.

Canals access


It is also closest to the ocean as, on the northern side of the canals, there is a tunnel connecting the waterways to the Pacific Ocean. Thus, players with the Kosatka and yachts will find this route really convenient.

As previously mentioned, the 360-degree access to the roof is also very advantageous, and many GTA Online users feel this aspect is a selling point for this location.

And because the garage is on the same level as the main entrance, it is also partially shielded from one side, which can be helpful during situations where gamers have to escape quickly without taking heavy damage.

For these reasons, it is easy to see why Vespucci Canals is the best agency location in GTA Online.

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