“What a mess”: Insider checks GTA Online on PC amidst the ongoing RCE exploits

A brief report of Insider checking the GTA Online on PC amidst the ongoing RCE exploits (Image via Rockstar Games)
A brief report of Insider checking the GTA Online on PC amidst the ongoing RCE exploits (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online PC RCE exploits seem to be a threat, as fans recently tried playing the game only to encounter cheaters. Famous insider Ben recently tested the game on PC and reported its current state on Twitter on January 23, 2023.

Based on their findings, cheaters can crash the game at any given time using the new PC hacking RCE exploits. Expressing their frustration and disappointment with the game's current state, they wrote:

"What a mess"

Many fans shared their recent experiences with hackers and cheaters while playing GTA Online on PC.

GTA Online PC RCE exploits ruin the fun for everyone nowadays

As can be seen in the tweet above, Ben shared a video showcasing the current state of GTA Online. A Grotti Vigilante can be seen ramping up their car in the clip as they interact with the other player on chat.

When Ben was about to report another account, the game crashed, possibly from using the new PC RCE exploits. In a follow-up tweet, they mentioned that they spent five minutes in the first session before it crashed.

Many fans shared similar experiences with GTA Online on PC amidst the ongoing hacking exploits. Here are some of the relevant community reactions to the current state of the game:

The GTA Online PC RCE exploits were first reported by another reliable insider, Tez2, on Twitter on January 21, 2023, where they mentioned the severity of such hacks, including a possible corruption of accounts. Based on their research, here are some of the things cheaters can do in the lobby using the exploits:

  • Corrupt Account
  • Give Money (up to $15 million a time)
  • Remove Money
  • Rank
  • Unlocks
  • Reset Mission Cooldowns
  • Badsport

Tez2 strongly suggests using the firewall while playing the game or not playing it at all until Rockstar fixes the game. They also shared a temporary fix for a corrupted account issue on January 21, 2023. According to them, players should follow these steps to fix their corrupted account in the game:

  1. Go to “Documents’’ on the PC.
  2. Delete the “Rockstar games” folder.
  3. Reload the game and refresh the profile data.

Another twitter user, Speyedr, suggested players to use the Guardian as new exploits don’t bypass its security. Here’s how players can use the workaround:

  1. Download Guardian from Gitlab.
  2. Once installed, select “Locked Session.”

According to Speyedr, this only works for solo sessions, single, or non-host players; however, they recently warned players about the high risk of not installing the Guardian properly during the current PC RCE exploits.

Fans should note that the developers haven’t officially recognized the issue by the time of writing this article; however, they can expect a fix to address these exploits soon.

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