Where can GTA Online players practice their parachute jumps?

It takes a while to learn the process
It takes a while to learn the process (Image via Rockstar Games)

Practice makes perfect in GTA Online, especially when it comes to parachute jumps. With the recent addition of Junk Energy Skydives, some players might be interested in getting those bonus rewards.

However, parachute jumping is a very dangerous activity. One wrong move will result in the player getting wasted, forcing them to restock their parachute supplies.

GTA Online players will need to work smarter and not harder. There is a really good place where they can easily practice their jumps. Players can even avoid the hassle of finding another parachute and looking for a better location. Instead, they can just focus on their work.

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GTA Online players have one particular location for practicing parachute jumps

Head over to the LSIA


GTA Online players should look for Los Santos International Airport (LSIA). They can open up the map by pressing the M key for PC or the Start button for PlayStation and Xbox players. From there, they can mark the LSIA, which should be found in the bottom portion of the map.

There's a reason why one should practice at the LSIA. Under normal circumstances, if players use a parachute off a tall building, they will have to restock their supplies and find another location. They spend more time looking for another parachute than using it.

GTA Online players are better off retrying their parachute lessons at the flight school. They can always start over without having to worry about wasting time. It's a quick and easy way to practice in this game. However, there aren't too many lessons in regards to parachute jumping.

Check out the "Chase Parachute" lesson


This is the third lesson at the flight school in GTA Online. Keep in mind that players will need to complete the first two lessons before trying out this one. They are "Outside Loop and "Engine Failure." It shouldn't take very long to get a bronze medal on those particular courses.

"Chase Parachute" involves players jumping from a plane. They must grab a parachute while in midair, then safely land in a designated area. Players will be given button prompts on how to release the parachute. They can retry this lesson as many times as they want.

GTA Online players should use this practice course to get a hang of the parachute controls. They can perform freefalls, learn precise landing, and figure out how to make sharp turns. Players can even make a little bit of money on the side. It isn't much, but it does add up over time.

Training goes a long way


Junk Energy Skydives can reward GTA Online players with a $150,000 bonus if they collect all 10 gold medals in a single day. However, it does require a lot of practice beforehand. If a player misses a checkpoint or gets wasted, it's a long way back to the kiosk area.

For these reasons alone, they should already be prepared for these challenges. The LSIA is a great place to learn the basics. Even if they can't get all the gold medals for these daily activities, players can still make good money. They will also earn reputation points to level up their rankings quickly.

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