Where to find a Deludamol van in GTA 5

Some GTA 5 players are having trouble finding a Deludamol van (Image via Rockstar Games)
Some GTA 5 players are having trouble finding a Deludamol van (Image via Rockstar Games)

Finding a Deludamol van isn't easy. Most GTA 5 players will scratch their heads in confusion when they're required to find this type of van.

A random side quest in GTA 5, entitled Mrs. Philips, shows Trevor reuniting with his mother, who may or may not be his hallucination. This mission takes place after the end of the game (assuming the player spares Trevor). Trevor's mother tasks him with locating a Deludamol van and bringing it back to her.

The problem with this mission is the lack of instructions. The game never tells the player where to look for the van. Players might not even know what the van looks like. This can be a major problem for '100% of completionists.' Thankfully, the van has a few reliable spawn locations.

GTA 5 players can identify the Deludamol van by its features

Here is what a Deludamol van looks like (Image via Rockstar Games)
Here is what a Deludamol van looks like (Image via Rockstar Games)

Deludamol vans are recognizable because of their white paint and blue text on the side. They are technically classified as Rumpos in GTA 5. Players will have to look for them in the Mrs. Philips side quest. Only one is required.

These are the spawn points


There are seven main locations to look for the Deludamol van. Four can be found in Los Santos, while three are in Blaine County. These are the locations that GTA 5 players should look out for:

  • Central Los Santos Medical Center (in between Crusade Road and Innocence Boulevard)
  • Mount Zonah Medical Center (located in between Dorset Drive and Dorset Place)
  • Pillbox Hill Medical Center (located in between Elgin Avenue, Strawberry Avenue, and Swiss Street)
  • Dollar Pills (located near Davis Branch)
  • The Bay Care Center (found in Paleto Bay at Duluoz Avenue)
  • Sandy Shores Medical Center (found in Mountain View Drive)
  • Dollar Pills near Harmony (Harmony Branch)

Deludamol vans are always found outside hospitals and pharmacies. Alternatively, GTA 5 players can get 'wasted.' After respawning near a hospital, look for the van.

It's easy as long as players know where to go


Trevor has to do is find a Deludamol van to complete this question. It's not a precious item guarded by heavily armed men. Instead, it's just a plain delivery van. GTA 5 players can enter the vehicle and drive it back to Sandy Shores. It's one of the most straightforward missions in the game. However, not being able to locate a van might make this a frustrating mission.

Sometimes the van doesn't spawn right away


Sometimes GTA 5 players may experience slight issues with the van spawning. When the mission begins, the vans may not show up immediately. Players are advised to wait a little while before looking for them. Go back inside the trailer or walk around it. The vans will spawn shortly after.

Try saving to speed up time. This makes it much more manageable.

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