Which is the best Galaxy Super Yacht to buy in GTA Online?

Any of the three Galaxy Super Yachts will suffice in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
Any of the three Galaxy Super Yachts will suffice in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

There are three Galaxy Super Yachts in GTA Online, each with some minor differences for players to consider before purchasing one. These three are:

  • The Orion (costs $6,000,000)
  • The Pisces (costs $7,000,000)
  • The Aquarius (costs $8,000,000)

These Galaxy Super Yachts are essentially large properties that players can own out at sea. They're exceptionally expensive (the cheapest one is normally $6,000,000) and primarily serve as a status symbol of one's wealth in this game. There are a few missions attached to them, but they're nowhere near as profitable as something like The Cayo Perico Heist.

The Orion is the cheapest option, which is useful for those who simply want to own one and don't care about some minor benefits. Predictably, The Aquarius is the best option (and most expensive) in terms of overall utility.

The best Galaxy Super Yacht in GTA Online


Here is what each Yacht offers, starting with The Orion. It includes all the bare essentials, such as guest rooms, a helipad, a Tropic spawn, and a Seashark spawn. Other Yachts have all of this, except they replace the Shitzu Tropic with a different boat.

This is what makes the Pisces unique:

  • It has two helipads
  • A hot tub
  • Swift Deluxe spawn
  • Speeder spawn
  • Dinghy spawn
  • Two Seashark spawns

By comparison, here is what The Aquarius offers:

  • It has two helipads
  • A hot tub
  • SuperVolito Carbon spawn
  • Toro spawn
  • Dinghy spawn
  • Four Seashark spawns
A promotional picture featuring one of the boats (Image via Rockstar Games)
A promotional picture featuring one of the boats (Image via Rockstar Games)

These are all minor differences, but they might impact some GTA Online players' decisions when it comes to buying a Galaxy Super Yacht. Basically, here is why one might consider each option in GTA Online:

  • The Orion: Cheapest, includes a Tropic
  • The Pisces: In-between the other two options, includes a Swift Deluxe and Speeder
  • The Aquarius: Has everything, includes a SuperVolito Carbon, Toro, and more Seasharks

Keep in mind that any of those options will give players access to A Superyacht Life missions. Similarly, event weeks that focus on them (like the Free Galaxy Super Yacht Rebate) work with any of the three options.

If the player just wants a cheap option, they should go with The Orion. Otherwise, they can see the vehicles offered with the other two yachts and decide which one is better.

A Superyacht Life missions in GTA Online


The six missions featured in The Orion, The Pisces, and The Aquarius are:

  • Overboard
  • Salvage
  • All Hands
  • Icebreaker
  • Bon Voyage
  • D-Day

All six missions are available for one to four players. Their pay is standard for a Contact Mission, so some gamers might only wish to do them during an event week where the pay is increased or if there is a bonus for completing all six of them.

Just remember, The Orion is the cheapest option and is recommended for GTA Online players who just wish to own a Galaxy Super Yacht. Otherwise, they would most likely want either The Pisces or The Aquarius, depending on their budget and vehicle preferences.

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