Which is the best jet to buy in GTA Online before the San Andreas Mercenaries update?

A brief about P-996 LAZER and why is it considered as the best jet in GTA Online ahead of the San Andreas Mercenaries update (Image via Rockstar Games)
A brief about the P-996 LAZER and why it is considered the best jet in GTA Online ahead of the San Andreas Mercenaries update (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries is the next major update expected to bring new vehicles to the game, seemingly an F-35-based jet, as teased by Rockstar’s latest newswire post. As exciting as it sounds, some jets are still available in the game that players can buy to stay prepared for upcoming challenges. The P-996 LAZER is one such jet considered among the best in the game and for good reason.

The single-seater military aircraft is fast and comes equipped with powerful weapons that can easily annihilate enemies. This article will share more insights about the P-996 LAZER’s visual appearance, performance, and other useful features that GTA Online players must know about.

What makes the P-996 LAZER jet special in GTA Online before the San Andreas Mercenaries update?


The Jobuilt P-996 LAZER is one of the fastest vehicles in GTA Online. As tested by renowned analyst Broughy1322, the jet can reach a staggering top speed of 195.00 mph (313.82 km/h) on a full performance upgrade and complete a lap in 0:37.645 seconds. The aircraft is known for its maneuverability and quick response. Players can easily travel the whole map and even perform a vertical climb with it.

Moreover, the jet is loaded with powerful equipment, as mentioned below:

1) Cannon: It has dual explosive cannons capable of firing 900 rounds per minute. Each shot explodes upon impact and significantly damages targets. Enemies can be eliminated easily with a single-aimed burst attack. Players can also take down big vehicles like the Avenger without difficulty.

2) Missiles: Its missiles can chase targets effectively with a lifespan of 10 seconds. Players can easily eliminate enemies within a lock-on range of 300 meters. The shorter reload time between missiles is also a perk that cannot be ignored.

GTA Online P-996 LAZER: Design, price, and more


The Jobuilt P-996 LAZER military jet in GTA Online is primarily based on the real-life F-16C Fighting Falcon. It has also taken design cues from other aircraft for different body parts:

  • Eurofighter Typhoon – Two separated air intakes
  • Lockhead Martin F-35 and X-35 – Twin horizontal and vertical stabilizers
  • F-20 Tigershark – Dual cannons setup

The aircraft has an aerodynamic design thanks to the following design characteristics:

  • Sharp nose
  • Air data probe on the end of the nose
  • A long glass canopy
  • Dual intakes
  • Single hatch (nose landing undercarriage)
  • Large triangular wings
  • Corresponding ailerons
  • Air brake flaps
  • Large mounting pylons
  • Dual hatches (main landing undercarriage)
  • Two external fuel tanks
  • Triangular stabilizers at the tail
  • Large vertical but angled stabilizers
  • A black jet turbine

The P-996 LAZER’s interior has various dials and gages with numerous console switches. Two control sticks can also be found on each side of the cockpit. It uses a dedicated dial set module with added green animated display.

Players can buy the P-996 LAZER from Warstock Cache & Carry for $6,500,000 and prepare themselves for the upcoming GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries DLC update.

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