Which is the better island in GTA Vice City and why?

Which location in Vice City do GTA players consider to be the best? (Image via Rockstar Games)
Which location in Vice City do GTA players consider to be the best? (Image via Rockstar Games)

While GTA 6 is still in development and will not be released for at least two years, fans are returning to Vice City to refresh their memories. While the "retro-city" is divided into two major and two smaller islands, fans are discussing their favorite locations on the map.

Although each location in the title has its own distinct offerings and aspects, some are superior in terms of facilities and overall liveliness. Similar to how major businesses and establishments in GTA 5 are concentrated in Los Santos, Vice City also has such central locations.

This article explains which island or location on the Vice City map is better and why.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions.

Exploring the best island in GTA Vice City


In a nutshell, Vice City Beach island is superior to Vice City Mainland in the game. The plot of GTA Vice City begins on this island, where Tommy Vercetti and his partner Ken Rosenberg are ambushed by assailants sent by Ricardo Diaz. Tommy builds his drug empire in Vice City, starting on the island.

The island itself is divided into three districts: Vice Point, Ocean Beach, and Washington Beach. It also contains the Vice City beach, which covers nearly half of the island's mass. Some important characters, such as Victor Vance, Lance Vance, Pastor Richards, Juan Cortez, Mercedes Cortez, and others, live in this area of the map, and help Tommy in the early stages of the game.

Some iconic locations of the game, such as the Malibu Club, Pole Position Club, Ocean Drive highway, Vice City Lighthouse, etc. that players love the most are on this island. The long drive from the Ocean View Hotel to the Vice Point area really soothes gamers by giving them flashbacks from the ‘80s retro era.


The beach and its surrounding areas are teeming with pedestrians dressed in beach attire and roller skates, lending the game a truly tropical feel. Although the the rest of the map is unlocked after the Phnom Penh '86 mission, players return to Vice Beach island to hang out because they are more familiar with that area.

Vice Beach Island in GTA Vice City Stories


Both GTA Vice City and Vice City Stories are set on the same map. Despite the fact that the former was released earlier in 2002, the story is a sequel to Vice City Stories. The earlier title begins on Vice Beach Island, whereas Stories begins on Vice City Mainland. However, one of Victor Vance's safehouses was at The Clymenus Suite in Vice Point.

Redditors' thoughts on Vice City's locations

A Reddit user named Background Character shared a meme expressing their favorite Vice City locations. They simply stated that Vice City Beach is more appealing than the other places on the map.

The user further explained how they feel about the Mainland island in GTA Vice City.

One user then described how Rockstar Games created the map's left side in Vice City Stories.

Another user, 0ddEdward, mentioned how they desperately tried to get to the other side of the island but ended up appreciating the Vice Beach area.

To summarize, GTA Vice City players prefer the Vice Beach Island area because it has become an iconic location in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

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