Which is the fastest motorcycle in the Definitive Edition GTA Trilogy?

A brief about FCR-900, one of the fastest motorcycles in GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition (Image via Sportskeeda)
A brief about FCR-900, one of the fastest motorcycles in GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition (image via Sportskeeda)

GTA Trilogy The Definitive Edition may not be the best collection of classic games, but it still features a lot of unique vehicles that make the originals stand out.

While motorcycles are not available in Grand Theft Auto 3, both Vice City and San Andreas offer multiple options for motorcycle enthusiasts. However, when it’s time to pick the fastest one, there’s only one bike at the top of the list. FCR-900 is a motorcycle that is one of the fastest in the entire trilogy. However, one could wonder how it looks and where to find it in the game.

With that being said, let’s learn everything about the FCR-900 vehicle that players should know about.

Three different versions of FCR-900 are available in GTA San Andreas


FCR-900 is a 2-seater Superbike featured in GTA San Andreas, the design of which seems to be inspired by the real-life Ducati 900ss. It has taken design cues from other motorcycles in the game, especially from BF-400 and PCJ-600.

There are three different versions of FCR-900 available in the game, which can be found randomly throughout the map:

  • A streetfighter variant with no front fairing
  • A covered variant with half front fairing, concealing only the upper half of the motorcycle
  • Like Ducati 900ss-SP; a covered variant with full front fairing, concealing the front half of the motorcycle

It additionally comes in three different exhaust types, including either single or twin exhaust pipes. The rims may also be available in several colors.

When it comes to performance, the FCR-900 is powered by a carbureted single-cam V4 engine, mated to a 5-speed gearbox in an RWD layout. This makes it one of the most powerful motorcycles in the entire game, even beating both the BF-400 and the PCJ-600 in terms of handling and torque. It can easily reach a top speed of 117.81 mph (189.60 km/h) as it boasts horsepower.

Where can players find FCR-900 in GTA San Andreas?


FCR-900 is one of those motorcycles in GTA San Andreas that appears in the story mode missions as well as certain locations throughout the map. When playing the story mode as the protagonist CJ, players can find the motorcycle in the following missions:

  • T-Bone Mendez – When four bikers steal the van’s content, use FCR-900s to feel from the scene.
  • Toreno’s Last Flight – It spawns beside a lamppost nearby players.
  • Ran Fa Li – Da Nan Boys use the same motorcycles while chasing the players.
  • Race Tournaments - It can be seen during the following races: Little Loop, City Circuit, Backroad Wanderer, Desert Tricks, and Dam Rider.
  • Exports and Imports – It is one of the 30 vehicles for the mission.
  • Freefall – It can be found in front of the Caligula’s Palace entrance.

Here’s a list of locations where players can expect the motorcycle to appear in the game:

  • Around Los Santos, Rodeo, and Richman
  • Around San Fierro, Paradiso, and Calton Heights
  • Around The Strip
  • Around Las Venturas’ golf club
  • The reward for getting all silver in the Bike School, Blackfield, Las Venturas
  • Parked around The Well Stacked Pizza Co., Roca Escalante, Las Venturas
  • Easter Basin on Mondays

While the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition doesn’t include any new vehicles, motorcycle enthusiasts can pick up the FCR-900 and wreak havoc in San Andreas.

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