Which GTA 5 protagonist could potentially appear in GTA 6?

It remains unknown if any of the GTA 5 protagonists will return (Image via Rockstar Games)
It remains unknown if any of the GTA 5 protagonists will return (Image via Rockstar Games)

Some fans have wondered if any of the GTA 5 protagonists will ever make their return in GTA 6.

There is historical precedence to consider. GTA 5 saw the reappearance of several GTA 4 characters. This includes former playable character Johnny Klebitz, who was abruptly killed off. There is potential for the GTA 5 protagonists to do the same (or at least one of them).

Remember, this is entirely based on speculation. Theoretically, GTA 6 could be a reboot of the series with new characters. Nobody knows for certain until Rockstar Games drops a trailer. Nonetheless, it's fun to think about, and they can always be there for a small cameo.

Which GTA 5 protagonist could make a return in GTA 6?

The video above is a fan-made trailer for GTA 6. Fans didn't even realize it was fake until they noticed the account wasn't real. As of this writing, all players can do is speculate about GTA 6.

The question remains whether any of the GTA 5 protagonists will return in GTA 6. The answer lies within the fates of each protagonist. A theory is only as solid as its foundations. GTA 6 speculation must be grounded in reason.

What the canon ending means for GTA 5 protagonists

GTA Online has repeatedly confirmed the canon ending to GTA 5. 2017 saw the release of the Smuggler's Run update, in which Ron Jakowski mentions that Trevor is now a motivational speaker. This rules out the ending where he dies.

More importantly, 2018 released the Diamond Casino and Resort. Tao Cheng makes a reference to the events of the Third Way, confirming its canonicity. This means that Michael also survived.

The canon ending is relevant for several reasons. Not only are the GTA 5 protagonists still alive, but they also got what they wanted in life. If they were to reappear in GTA 6, there would have to be a logical explanation. Some of them have no reason to leave Los Santos.

Michael De Santa

At the beginning of GTA 5, Michael had a strained relationship with his friends and family. By the end, however, he made amends with them and can finally retire in peace. He doesn't have much of a reason to leave his mansion now.

Michael's story concludes in a satisfying manner as he gets everything he wants from life. As a result, he doesn't need to return in GTA 6. Of course, it doesn't rule out a cameo while he's on family vacation. If GTA 6 is anything like Vice City, it would be perfect for Michael.

Franklin Clinton

Franklin always wanted to make something of himself. For several years, the ambitious gangster tried leaving the hood. However, he is held down by his remaining friends and more often than not, he needs to help them out.

While he doesn't have much reason to stay in Los Santos, he doesn't have much reason to leave either.As most of Franklin's powerful connections are within the city, he would be taking a huge risk by leaving everything behind.

Trevor Philips

Out of all the GTA 5 protagonists, Trevor seems the likeliest to show up again. He is undoubtedly the most popular of the trio. Not only that, he also has the best material to work with. His unpredictability and chaotic nature make him a wild card. For this reason alone, Trevor would make a big splash in a new game.

Unlike Michael and Franklin, Trevor has nothing tying him down to Los Santos. Michael has a family to look out for, while Franklin has to help out his friends. Trevor always has a thirst for adventure and theoretically, his drug operations could expand internationally.

Trevor is not one to retire from his criminal lifestyle. Rockstar Games can easily write him in GTA 6 without any issues. Whether he lives or dies will depend on the story's direction.

Would Rockstar Games kill off any of the GTA 5 protagonists?

There is no guarantee that any of the GTA 5 protagonists will show up in GTA 6. In fact, some fans would prefer not to, and it's hard to blame them after what happened to Johnny Klebitz.

Trevor could theoretically receive karmic retribution. It would be rather fitting, given what he did to Johnny. However, this would prove very unpopular among his fanbase. Even if it made sense in the story, there would be immense backlash against this move as Trevor is too well-liked among the GTA 5 protagonists.

Ultimately, it's hard to predict how Rockstar Games will write the next game. It should be noted that Johnny's death was a rare occurrence among protagonists. Meanwhile, it's been several years since the release of GTA Online, and all of the GTA 5 protagonists are presumably still alive.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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