Which GTA San Andreas features are the most convenient for players?

Players can agree GTA San Andreas is a lot easier with a tank (Image via Rockstar Games)
Players can agree GTA San Andreas is a lot easier with a tank (Image via Rockstar Games)
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Quality-of-life features can reduce player frustrations; GTA San Andreas offers several of them within the game.

Upon its original release, critics heaped praise toward GTA San Andreas. It had made significant improvements to the series. Combat was better, the map was bigger, and the story was more action-packed. The game also shines with smaller details, such as mission skips and easier ways to make cash.

GTA San Andreas is not a perfect game. It has its share of noticeable flaws, particularly with difficult missions. However, players can definitely appreciate certain features as it would be a frustrating experience without them.

What are the most convenient features for GTA San Andreas players?


GTA San Andreas is a huge game. The size and scope remained unmatched until GTA 5 several years later, and players would likely spend many hours on it. While its game design isn't always the greatest, it does try to be intuitive. Here are multiple examples of convenient features for the players.

Most weapons have auto-aim


If players are close enough to their enemies, they can lock on with their weapons. They will always prioritize the closest enemy. By doing so, players won't be distracted away from nearby threats.

The only exceptions to this rule are rifles, heavy weapons, and thrown objects. GTA San Andreas players have to manually use them.

Such a feature is quite useful in tight corners and closed spaces. It also depends on the player's skill level with a particular weapon. The more a player uses a weapon, the better their aim will become.

Swimming is a life saver


Previous games in the series made water a death wish. It made navigating boats slightly more difficult. A misplaced jump is all it takes to get wasted in the water.

To prevent this problem, GTA San Andreas introduces the swimming mechanic. Players now have an incentive to use boats. There is no longer the risk of automatic drowning. However, players still need to be above water.

Taking out drug pushers early on yields profits


GTA San Andreas players will not have much cash on hand, at least early in the game. However, there is a good way to get $2,000 easily. The streets of Los Santos are prone to poverty and violence. Many crack dealers can be found here, especially near Ganton.

If the player kills them, they gain access to a few grand and a pistol. It's a reliable way to earn money in the early stages of GTA San Andreas.

Girlfriends are specific to each region


CJ can get a girlfriend in every major area on the map. If their relationship is on great terms, GTA San Andreas players can receive useful rewards. However, if they ignore their girlfriends for too long, their relationship will decrease.

However, there are convenient safeguards for players. They have to be within a specific region for their relationship to increase or decrease. For example, the player can go to Las Venturas to date Barbara.

While in the desert area, players don't have to worry about their girlfriends in Los Santos or San Fierro. Those relationships will not decrease unless a player goes there and ignores their girlfriends. Considering how big the map is, this feature comes in handy.

Players can recruit gang members in Los Santos


At a certain point in the game, GTA San Andreas players can recruit gang members. Depending on the player's level of respect, they can recruit up to seven at a time. Extra backups can make or break a difficult gang war. It's a numbers game, so players can try to even the odds.

GTA San Andreas is one of the few instances where players can use bodyguards.

Area 69's close proximity to a safehouse


The airfield in Verdant Meadows is right near Area 69, a secretive military base. Trying to get a Rhino tank is very tricky under normal circumstances. However, stealing one from Area 69 is the easiest method.

All a player has to do is make it back to the hangar. Once they place their tank inside, they should immediately run to a save point. It's a good idea to wear some body armor just in case.

Final mission checkpoints


End of the Line is the final mission in GTA San Andreas. It's split up into three parts: infiltrating a crack palace, escaping under a time limit, and a final chase sequence. Thankfully, there are checkpoints available.

If the player dies in the second part, they can restart at that point. The same applies to the final section as otherwise, players would have to run a marathon. GTA San Andreas doesn't lengthen the final mission with artificial difficulty.

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