Who are the fastest-growing GTA 5 RP streamers in September 2021?

GTA 5 RP streamers are some of the quick risers on Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)
GTA 5 RP streamers are some of the quick risers on Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)
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GTA 5 RP streamers are still maintaining their massive popularity throughout September 2021.

TwitchMetrics calculates the growing trends of GTA 5 RP streamers. There are some significant differences between August and September. Most notably, xQc makes his triumphant return, while the list of fastest growing streamers is very different from last time.

GTA 5 RP streamers will continue to grow their audience. The roleplaying community remains popular to this very day.

TwitchMetrics can determine the fastest-growing channels based on new followers gained, and there has been a massive surge in popularity recently.

Five fastest-growing GTA 5 RP streamers for September 2021


GTA 5 RP is still very popular among streamers, and Loud Coringa is just one example of a growing channel. TwitchMetrics made its calculations very recently, and these results are up to date with the current monthly trends.

The fastest-growing GTA 5 RP streamers


September 2021 has seen a few major changes. The fastest-growing channels are vastly different from the previous month:

  • xRohat: 133,390 changes in followers
  • xQcOW: 130,259 changes in followers
  • Loud Coringa: 79,157 changes in followers
  • Niedraa: 78,488 changes in followers
  • KidaoFPS: 59,874 changes in followers
  • MckyTV: 58,637 changes in followers
  • BUXEXADAS: 50,823 changes in followers
  • kazifpss: 48,682 changes in followers
  • Real_Bazzi: 46,628 changes in followers
  • Giggand: 46,303 changes in followers

Loud Coringa is no longer at the top of the mountain. However, he is still among the most popular streamers. He is very well-known in his native, Portugal.

On the other side of the spectrum, xRohat is hugely popular in Germany. These numbers show that GTA 5 RP streamers are rather diverse.

Differences between August and September


Loud Coringa is the only GTA 5 RP streamer from August that made it to the September list. All the other fastest-growing channels dropped off. Here is a comparison to last month's list:

  • loud_coringa
  • Sabsdenada
  • sidoka_ns
  • shayvictorioo
  • Kant
  • GaleguiNS
  • LITkillah
  • BaianoNS
  • ShockWavezTV
  • MudinhoxD

Nine of these names are gone from TwitchMetrics. In the meantime, xQc and xRohat made a massive leap on the leaderboards. They are two of the fastest-growing GTA 5 RP streamers, which is impressive, given how popular they already are.

It should be noted that xQc got into trouble with the NoPixel server once again. He believes there is another ban on the way, which could have potential ramifications for next month.

Of course, history indicates it won't keep him down for long. He always manages to come back from a ban.

What current trends indicate


The likes of Loud Coringa and xQc will always have their place as heads of the table. They are consistently the most popular GTA 5 RP streamers. Newer ones may show up while older streamers drop out. The constants that remain are Loud Coringa and xQc.

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