Why GTA 6 should ditch Shark Cards

Why including Shark Cards in GTA 6 is not a good idea (Image via Rockstar Games)
Why including Shark Cards in GTA 6 is not a good idea (Image via Rockstar Games)

Speculations about GTA 6 are on the rise, and recent leaks have piqued the interest of players. While there are many demands and expectations for the game, fans are also wondering if Rockstar will learn from its previous mistakes.

Using Shark Cards in GTA Online has divided fans. Despite the community's opinions, it has become an essential part of gameplay. Apart from selling Grand Theft Auto 5 licenses, Rockstar makes a lot of money from these micro-transactions as well.

This article explains why Rockstar Games should give up plans to include Shark Cards in the upcoming game.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's opinions.

GTA Online Shark Cards and their negative effects

Shark Cards do not represent the spirit of GTA Online. The game encourages players to build their own criminal empire through hard work and grinding money. Shark Cards are a shortcut to that goal that degrades the overall experience.


For starters, it provides players with an unfair advantage over others. Gamers who can afford to purchase Shark Cards get instant money added to their accounts. Money is the most important factor that distinguishes one player from another in the game. More money equals more weapons and vehicles, which equals to more power.


Properties and services in Grand Theft Auto Online are already exorbitantly priced. Rockstar sets those amounts high in order to entice players to spend time in the game grinding for the items they desire. However, players with a lot of real-world money can buy as many Shark Cards as they want for their benefit.

By adding easy money to the game, players can buy anything regardless of their skill level or status. This is unfair to those who work hard even for a small amount of money.


Furthermore, it makes the game easier for buyers. The most powerful weapons and vehicles are more expensive in GTA Online, but players with Shark Cards can easily obtain them. While it has no effect on free roaming, Shark Card users have an advantage in competitive modes such as PvP and other survival missions because they can easily knock down other players with futuristic weapons and vehicles.

Why Shark Cards in GTA 6 is a big no

GTA fans are expecting a new and exciting experience from the upcoming game. After nearly a decade of playing the same game, most of the players’ interest has waned. While the leaks promise an improved and new experience, Rockstar is known for making significant changes to games before they are released.


Shark cards already have a bittersweet effect on the current game, and their inclusion in Grand Theft Auto 6 may degrade the overall quality. Although micro-transactions are only available in multiplayer mode, and no information about such modes in the upcoming game has been released, players can only hope that Rockstar does not make the same mistakes again.


Besides that, Shark Cards are no longer as valuable as they were when the game was first released. Everything has become more expensive in GTA Online, and Shark Cards still provide the same amount of money as before. If one were to quote Donald Trump, this money-grabbing method by Rockstar Games may be "one of the worst trade deals in the history of trade deals, maybe ever."

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