Why GTA Online players should consider getting Oppressor Mk II on Black Friday after its nerf

It's still good to use (Image via Rockstar Games)

The Oppressor Mk II is still a solid vehicle after its nerf in GTA Online. With that in mind, having the opportunity to get this bike at a 50% discount on Black Friday is an outstanding offer. Here is a brief summary as to why this motorcycle is worth getting this week:

  • Top-tier mobility
  • Its missiles are still good for PvE content after the nerf
  • You will save a ton of money if you plan to get this bike anyways

While it's undoubtedly weaker now than it was before its nerf, it is worth mentioning that the Oppressor Mk II still has a solid niche in GTA Online that players shouldn't overlook.

The Oppressor Mk II is worth getting when its 50% off in GTA Online due to Black Friday

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The relevant part of the recent Newswire article states:

"Ditch your tent and folding chair and skip the chaotic Black Friday lines. You won't need them to indulge in these special Black Friday Discounts, available Nov 25 – 28."

One of the many vehicles on sale is the Oppressor Mk II, which has a hefty 50% off for that time period.

A player riding an Oppressor Mk II (Image via Rockstar Games)
A player riding an Oppressor Mk II (Image via Rockstar Games)

Here are the prices for this vehicle for this week's Black Friday discount:

  • Normal: $1,945,125
  • Trade Price: $1,462,500

This means that GTA Online players could save well over $1 million if they decide to purchase this flying bike between November 25 and 28, 2022. Just for reference, here are the other items with a Black Friday sale:

  • 50% off all Galaxy Super Yachts and their modifications
  • 50% off the Deluxo
  • 50% off the Scramjet
  • 50% off the Avenger
  • 50% off the Toreador
  • 50% off the Oppressor
  • 50% off all Casino Penthouse Decorations
  • 50% off the Alkonost
  • 50% off the Chernobog
  • 40% off the Ruiner 2000
  • 40% off the Luxor
  • 40% off the Luxor Deluxe
  • 40% off the Swift
  • 40% off the Swift Deluxe
  • 40% off the Torero XO
  • 40% off the SM722
  • 40% off the LM87

Why the Oppressor Mk II is still good

A screenshot of the infamous bike (Image via Rockstar Games)
A screenshot of the infamous bike (Image via Rockstar Games)

There are very few vehicles with the ease of accessibility that this flying bike has while also having phenomenal mobility. If you want something with an extremely low-skill floor yet capable of getting you to practically any spot on the map, then this is the motorcycle for you.

It's much smaller than a plane or a helicopter, but it also has the ability to fly through the air and float for an indefinite period of time. Add in some homing missiles, and it becomes quite clear that this bike will do excellently for any PvE freemode missions.

For example, it's still great for grinding GTA Online's numerous Cayo Perico Heist preparation missions.

What was the Oppressor Mk II nerf in GTA Online?


The semi-recent nerf to the infamous flying motorcycle targeted two things:

  1. Lessened its homing missile effectiveness.
  2. Strongly nerfed the cooldowns on its two main defensive countermeasures.

Those nerfs essentially mean that this bike is much weaker for PvP combat than before, with the homing missile accuracy change even being felt when you have NPC helicopters going after you.


Another screenshot for this motorcycle (Image via Rockstar Games)
Another screenshot for this motorcycle (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online players can still effectively use the Oppressor Mk II today, meaning that it can be worth purchasing if it's 50% off, thanks to Black Friday. If you only care about PvP battles, then this nerfed bike might not be for you.

Otherwise, people who focus more on PvE stuff will find its versatility to be a godsend.

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