Why GTA Online's Pegassi Reaper is worth getting before Summer Update 2024

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A brief on why GTA Online players should get a Pegassi Reaper before Summer Update 2024 (Image via eyman/GTAForums)

The Pegassi Reaper is one of those GTA Online cars that got forgotten over time due to Rockstar Games constantly adding new vehicles. For those who don’t know, the Pegassi Reaper is a two-door hypercar based on W Motors Lykan HyperSport; this model made its debut in 2016 with the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update. Unlike some Grand Theft Auto Online vehicles, owning this one still gives great value in return.

This article looks at the Pegassi Reaper’s performance, visual design, and what makes it so special ahead of the upcoming Summer Update 2024.

What makes Pegassi Reaper in GTA Online so special? (pre-Summer Update 2024)


GTA Online’s Pegassi Reaper has a single-cam V8 engine with a six-speed gearbox that powers it in an RWD layout. It has a reputation among fans for being an all-around day-to-day hypercar in Los Santos with excellent acceleration.

According to the testing done by popular analyst Broughy1322, the Reaper can achieve a top speed of 121.75 mph (195.94 km/h); this is quite decent for a non-HSW hypercar. Additionally, its quick acceleration allows it to complete one lap in just 1:02.716. While it’s not the fastest car in GTA Online, the overall experience of driving it on the open road of Southern San Andreas is worth buying it for.

Here’s a quick overview of its statistics in Grand Theft Auto Online:

  • Speed: 85.31 out of 100
  • Acceleration: 91.25 out of 100
  • Braking: 36.67 out of 100
  • Handling: 80.91 out of 100

Overall, it’s a great choice for not only the beginners of the game, but also the veterans who love to collect forgotten gems.

An in-game picture of Pegassi Reaper (Image via Affalterbach/GTAForums)
An in-game picture of Pegassi Reaper (Image via Affalterbach/GTAForums)

Here’s how the developers describe the vehicle on Legendary Motorsport:

“Statistically, use of the accelerator in a... is more likely to cause a fatal brain hemorrhage than any other activity known to medical science. Fighter pilots have to undergo years of training before experiencing this kind of G-force, but luckily for you, the only qualifications required to get behind the wheel are an above-average credit rating and a hearty contempt for the poor. Diamond-finish cup holders and a live-in butler come as standard.”

The latest GTA Online weekly update gives players a rare opportunity to grab the automobile without paying any money. They just need to spin the Lucky Wheel (located inside The Diamond Casino & Resort), and if they get lucky, they will win it for free this week.

This further makes it more special, and worth investing time in while waiting for the upcoming Summer Update 2024 rumored to release sometime in June or July.

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