xQc fans disgusted as his room tour reveals the GTA RP star's bizarre setup

xQc's room tour doesn't go as planned (Image via xQc Twitch)
xQc's room tour doesn't go as planned (Image via xQc Twitch)

Twitch streamer Felix "xQc" Lengyel recently showed off his living conditions, following in the footsteps of fellow streamer Imane Pokimane Anys. Sadly, his ardent followers were more disgusted than impressed.

Just a day before, the GTA RP streamer was watching Pokimane's latest YouTube video where she showed off her gaming setup.

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However, xQc was rather unimpressed and suggested that her reading lamp was from the 1700s.

This prompted his fans to ask him to do a room reveal of his own. xQc accepted the request, but his followers were left disgusted.

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The variety streamer started off with his left monitor where he games and then moved over to the one on the right, where he reads chats.

He also showed off his gear and said:

β€œThe keyboard in which I type, the mouse that I click, the stream deck where I skip donations, all of them, mute them, sub only, ad, ad, ad!”

But things went downhill after that. xQc went on to show the rest of his room, which left even his most ardent followers rather unimpressed. His desk was covered with food wrappers and empty drink bottles, implying that the room hadn't been cleaned in a while.

Snapshots of the stream started trending on Reddit, more so because the former Overwatch pro is currently a guest at Sodapoppin's house.

Clearly, xQc's room tour didn't go as planned. The Canadian streamer keeps his viewers entertained with his notorious streams but definitely needs to clean his room more often.

xQc returns to the GTA RP Server

After a month's absence from the GTA RP server, xQc was finally given a green signal. The Canadian streamer received a permanent ban in May after a series of temporary bans.

Naturally, this prompted him to look for greener pastures. He joined a public server but its RP authenticity was challenged on several occasions.

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Interestingly, the GTA RP server declined in popularity as soon as he was asked to walk away. Streamers like Sykkuno and summit1g spoke on the subject and stated that the server needed him to sustain its popularity.

xQc announced his return shortly after as his cop character, Pierre Paul. It remains to be seen if his streams will remain as controversial as they always have been.

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