10 best tips for finding diamonds in Minecraft quickly (2023) 

Learn how to quickly obtain diamonds in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
Learn how to quickly obtain diamonds in Minecraft (Image via Mojang Studios)

Minecraft is a game full of immense surprises and treasures. One of these treasures includes diamonds, which are a delight in the real world and are the second-rarest ore in the game. These ores are generally popular due to their durability and the amount of precious items that they can be used to craft with. Thus, it is important for players to understand the correct approach when looking for diamonds.

This includes mining tips and venturing locations. With that being said, here are the 10 best tips for finding diamonds quickly in Minecraft.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's views.

10 best tips to find diamonds quickly in Minecraft

1) Mining at the right depth


One of the best methods to find diamonds in Minecraft is to know the exact depth of the mines. To locate the most blocks of diamond ore, you must mine at Y level -58. Diamonds are also most frequently found between Y-levels 15 and -63. To increase your chances of finding them, focus on mining in this range.

While this is one of the most efficient methods, it can take some time to mine and locate blocks of diamond ore. You can improve your chances and increase the quantity of diamonds by using Fortune pickaxes.

2) Employing the Branch Mining technique


Branch mining can be used to quickly obtain diamonds by mining. In this technique, a large, straight tunnel is dug to the required depth, and then, every two or three blocks, smaller branches are dug off the main tunnel. By exposing more blocks, this strategy raises the possibility of finding diamonds.

Players can enhance the mining by combining this with Dive Mining. This can be initiated because of the new crawling ability introduced in the Minecraft Bedrock edition. Additionally, one can further increase their chances by using Fortune enchantment on their pickaxes.

3) Exploring Caves and Ravines


Exploring Caves and Ravines can quickly help you find diamond veins. In these regions, diamond blocks are generally exposed, and you can avoid the cumbersome task of mining.

The distribution of diamond ore has also been modified in the Minecraft Bedrock edition, thereby increasing the quantity with which they can be found in the deepslate levels. However, these regions are devoid of light and contain hostile mobs. Therefore, it is advisable to bring torches and a Potion of Night Vision.

4) Looting villages


Villages in Minecraft are also a hub to find various treasures. The dozens of villages spread across the Overworld comprise numerous houses, of which many contain chests with precious items.

These chests may contain everything from food and diamonds to saplings. The probability of finding one to three diamonds in a Weaponsmith's chest is 16.2%, and the probability of finding the same in a Toolsmith's chest is 9.9%.

5) Exploring abandoned mineshafts


Abandoned mineshafts can serve as great locations to find diamond veins. A mineshaft is a 3X3 tunnel that runs along the underground mines. Not only do diamonds form naturally here as ores, but they are also frequently found hidden away in the abandoned chests that spawn inside.

Cave spiders inhabit the mineshaft, and players will encounter their spawners when exploring its corridors. There is an 8.9% possibility that one or two diamonds may emerge from the chests. Players can also find an enchanted golden apple if they are lucky.

6) Looting desert temples


Exploring desert temples is a great way to find diamonds. The central area of temples features a terracotta checkerboard pattern design. Here, four chests are hidden in a secret duct beneath the purple terracotta in the center. However, the central pressure plate is laid with a trap since stepping on it will activate the TNT underneath.

These chests are likely to contain one to three diamonds with a 6.3% probability. The Temple also spawns in a lower room in the rear with some suspicious sand, which was added in the Minecraft 1.20 update. The likelihood of finding a single diamond in the sand is 12.5%.

7) Looting shipwrecks


Shipwrecks are abandoned structures that are generally found underwater. A shipwreck may have three loot chests: a supply chest, a treasure chest, and a map chest. They can be found in many places of the ship, including the bow, upper section, stern, and lower section.

Each of these chests has a 14.1% probability of having one diamond. Players can also seek buried treasures using the map they find, each of which could fetch a substantial number of diamonds.

8) Looting buried treasure


Buried treasures can be found across the Minecraft Overworld. These chests generally hold rare items in the game, with diamonds being one of them. The buried treasures can set players off on a quest since they can only be discovered using maps, which are found in Shipwrecks.

These maps can also be obtained from Ocean ruins and Cartographers. The buried treasures have a 59.9% chance of containing one or two diamonds, along with rare loot such as Heart of the Sea and Emeralds.

9) Looting Nether Fortress


The Nether Fortress is perhaps one of the most important structures in Minecraft. It is not only a residence for hostile and dangerous mobs but also contains a variety of treasures, including diamonds. The hallways of the fortress comprise chests that contain a decent amount of loot.

These chests have a 19% chance of holding one to three diamonds along with gold, horse armor, iron, and rib armor trim. However, one must be well prepared since these treasures need to be accessed while combating multiple hostile elements.

10) Looting end cities


End cities are accessible after defeating the Ender Dragon. These structures house the most valuable and rarest loot in Minecraft. While the Elytra is what most players seek from these structures, one can also find tons of diamonds.

The end city comprises multiple rooms, with the loot room being one of them. The chest in this room has a 21.2% chance of spawning two to 11 diamonds, in addition to enchanted diamond armor and tools. However, one should be mindful of Shulkers, which can displace players in the air.