5 best castle ideas for Minecraft survival

Players of Minecraft Survival mode are able to make castles that not only look great but will provide them with a lot of protection from hostile mobs or players (Image via Akila Gaming/YouTube)
Players of Minecraft Survival mode are able to make castles that not only look great but will provide them with a lot of protection from hostile mobs or players (Image via Akila Gaming/YouTube)

Minecraft Survival Mode players will undoubtedly want a safe haven for themselves to call home. With many hostile mobs around, there will be many dangers players need to face, even before the deadly Ender Dragon.

A castle could be just the ticket to safety and style for any Minecraft world. Here are the five best castle ideas players can build inside their Minecraft Survival worlds.

Five of the best castle ideas for Minecraft Survival


Of course, the key to any great castle, besides being a large and strong fortress, is how accessible and valuable it is. Not only that, but in survival, players will also need to consider materials.

With all this in mind, it is imperative to have an efficient castle, not just for players' time but for their safety. Here are five of the best ones that players can build during their time in-game.

1) Small Castle


Players can build this small survival castle with multiple castle towers attached. This will give the player some great vantage points when standing atop them, which can be good for just scouting around the area or taking up a position to use the bow. Players can also place a moat around the castle to make it harder for any mob or player to get inside of the castle and make it easier to defend.

  • Players can make this castle for a minimal amount of resources. Cobblestone and wood planks can be used to get started, and players can even build the frame with any blocks they wish to use at first and replace them with new blocks as they acquire them.

2) Minecraft Survival Castle Base


This survival castle base is an excellent way for players to stay safe while getting all of the comforts of home. With an internal farm, crafting, and enchanting stations, this castle is a great way for players to build a castle that looks great but is functional. This castle also offers a very high vantage point that can give players an advantage over incoming dangers.

  • This build functions great as a central piece of a larger kingdom. Players could even build this castle on the outskirts of a village, and it would be able to fit right in.
  • Players of Minecraft could expand the outside walls a bit to make room to have a stable and raise livestock.

3) Easy Survival Castle


Sometimes things don't need to be very complicated to be effective. This castle brings players a lot of safety while also using some cheaper materials to get their castle up and running for a very minimal investment. Even with the affordable cost of materials and small footprint, it looks great and can easily fit into any theme a player may have inside their survival worlds.

  • With such a simplistic build, this castle is recommended for beginner players looking for a stylish castle that includes the ability to remain safe during the game.
  • The courtyard in the middle can contain whatever Minecraft players wish but can primarily be used for crops to get a farm going. It can be expanded to include livestock and help the player become self-sufficient.

4) Tiny Castle


Another tiny castle on the list, this one places everything into an even smaller package yet still provides players with function and style. Featuring a small courtyard surrounded by walls, it will allow players to get outside while still having the comforts and protections of living inside a castle. And when the going gets tough, it offers multiple defensive positions.

  • For players who do not favor a courtyard, this castle's roof can be extended outwards, creating a large upper rampart area where players can have more room to build and an increased security level.
  • This build can be created easily using cobblestone, stone slabs, wood planks, and lanterns for the lighting.

5) Small Stone Castle with Watchtower


For players on a budget who are looking for a castle that takes everything they need and compacts it into a small area, this 8x8 castle is for them. With ample room for any starter build, this castle will shelter players from hostile mobs as well as offer them a tower to gain height advantage and observe the lands around them. Minecraft players can quickly expand the castle or wall it in.

  • Players can make this castle with minimal materials, such as cobblestone, wood planks, wool, and stone blocks.
  • With the small footprint, players may wish to expand the castle to create a basement that can be concealed from the outside. This makes it a great way to have it seem small on the outside but remains large on the inside.

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