5 best Minecraft farms for End dimension in 2022

There are several useful Minecraft farms that can be made in the end dimension (Image via Sportskeeda)
There are several useful Minecraft farms that can be made in the end dimension (Image via Sportskeeda)

The End dimension in Minecraft is a fascinating realm, at least for players who are new to the game. This is where they face the final boss mob and discover some rare structures with ultra-precious loot. Once gamers are comfortable enough in this realm, they can start setting up farms to get loads of resources.

Even though there are only three types of mobs that spawn in the End, players can still find ways to summon more or even cleverly use the End portal in the Overworld to create farms in the End realm.

Farms in Minecraft are extremely useful structures that yield massive amounts of a particular item or XP through a mob, block, or any other entity.

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These are five Minecraft farms to set up in End realm (2022)

5) Obsidian farm


Whenever Minecraft players enter the End realm, they spawn on an obsidian platform near or inside the main End island. Gamers might not know this, but the obsidian platform can regenerate automatically whenever an entity teleports through the End portal from the Overworld.

Hence, players can create a farm around the platform and End portal frame. Redstone contraptions in the Overworld will keep sending certain entities through this portal at regular intervals so that the obsidian platform keeps regenerating even after it has been mined. Through this farm, players can obtain a great amount of obsidian.

4) Wither rose farm


It is quite difficult to obtain a wither rose in Minecraft since the Wither needs to kill other mobs in order for them to drop the item. Hence, a particular type of farm can be created around the bedrock fountain on the main End island where the Wither can be trapped near all the Enderman. When the Wither kills these mobs, they will drop wither roses that can be collected by the player.

3) Wither farm


The only block that can stop the Wither from moving in Minecraft is the bedrock. Over the years, players have come up with a method to create a Wither farm in the End realm.

The Wither can be summoned right underneath the bedrock fountain at the center of the main End island. This will trap its heads inside the blocks and will prevent the boss mob from attacking the player. This, in turn, is going to allow the player to attack the mob. The Wither farm is an excellent method to farm nether stars and XP.

2) Shulker farm


Shulkers are some of the most unique mobs in Minecraft. They are the only mob that cannot move in a normal way; therefore, if players want to make a farm out of them, they can only do so in End realm. Gamers have a special ability to duplicate these mobs if one shulker's levitation bullet hits another.

Players can strategically set up a farm with two of these mobs. It should be done in a way that the first shulker will see the player and shoot the bullet, which will always hit the second shulker in between the first one and the player and cause it to duplicate.

Upon death, these mobs drop shulker shells, which can be great for crafting shulker boxes with chests.

1) Enderman XP farm


The most common mob in the End realm is Enderman since every End island is filled with them. Hence, this realm is the best way to create an Enderman farm. Since these mysterious mobs drop a good amount of XP points and ender pearls, they are worth farming. Many experienced players build this farm primarily for XP.

To create this Minecraft farm, players can use several things like water, endermites, etc. The trapping/killing room that players will need to create for these mobs must be covered properly and have a two-block-tall area so that those who fall into it cannot teleport anywhere else. Finally, players can simply kill them with any weapon to gain XP points and ender pearls.

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