5 best moments from Minecraft Championship (MCC) Pride 2022

Minecraft Championship Pride 2022 had some insanely memorable moments (Image via Dream on Twitter)
Minecraft Championship Pride 2022 had some insanely memorable moments (Image via Dream on Twitter)
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On Saturday, June 18, 2022 โ€” Team Red Rabbits (consisting of Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Karl Jacobs, and Foolish Gamers) took the crown in the final activity of Minecraft Championship Pride 2022, Dodgebolt.

The team win was explosive and a perfect capstone to what was another memorable MCC. All teams involved seemed to have fun in this non-canon tournament, especially during the twenty-versus-twenty round of Dodgebolt.

The Minecraft Championships (MCC) are a series of monthly, invite-only events, with its first tournament on November 17, 2019. The event has only grown since then, expanding to include a wide variety of competitors, minigames, and impressive technical features implemented and overseen by The Noxcrew.

MCC Pride 2022 was considered a non-canon event, meaning that it's considered separate from the main "canon" series of events. It was a charity event held to honor the Pride Month of June. This isn't the first event held in honor of this, the first being MCC Pride 2021, but it was the most ambitious.

The recent event included many donation milestones as motivation for audiences to donate, such as pre-event minigames, cosmetics for competitors to don in-game, and a twenty-versus-twenty round of Dodgebolt.

Minecraft Championship Pride 2022 highlights



A couple of specific moments from MCC Pride 2022 began trending on Twitter. One comes from the winning team's perspective, Team Red Rabbits.

"DREAM GET OUT OF ME" is trending after george said that to dream during mcc !! ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ

While dashing to the finish during Grid Runners, Clay "Dream" gets momentarily stuck inside George "GeorgeNotFound" Davidson's in-game character. In the heat of the moment, the last shouts:

"Dream get out of me!"

This out-of-context quote elicits a couple of suggestive "oh?"'s from the duo's teammates, Noah "Foolish Gamers" Brown and Karl Jacobs. Naturally, those watching this team's perspective found the moment funny enough to make the quoted trend on Twitter.

4) Green Geckos kills Pink Parrots in Battle Box


Team Green Geckos (consisting of Sykkuno, Lazarbeam, TinaKitten, and Valkyrae) were one of the special teams for MCC Pride 2022. Most of their team members (except TinaKitten) are various streamers rather than Minecraft experts.

Naturally, they had a bit of trouble with some of the combat-based minigames since other tournaments' competitors excel in that area. Battle Box, especially, was a bit rough for them. Green Geckos have only won two of their nine matches, one against Team Pink Parrots.

This caught many people, including the members of both teams, off guard, as Team Pink Parrots included six-time championship winner Nick "Sapnap."

The pink team was very confident in their ability to win against the green team, as they even made plans to rush and kill Sykkuno before quickly securing their victory.

All members involved were thrown off guard as both Sapnap and Ranboo were picked off, leaving the in-experienced Sean "Jacksepticeye" McLoughlin and Ethan "Crankgameplays" Nestor to fall at the hands of Team Green Geckos eventually.

3) Jacksepticeye takes the final shot in 20v20 Dodgebolt


Minecraft Championship Pride 2022 ended with a chaotic twenty-versus-twenty round of Dodgebolt. All forty players were split in two and put on either of the highest-scoring teams in a one-shot bow duel that didn't affect the event's standings but was fun for all involved.

Jacksepticeye ended up being one of the few remaining honorary members of Team Aqua Axolotls, alongside vGumiho and DrGluon. He knocked out two opposing team members and eventually landed the winning shot on Shubble.

His win in this twenty-versus-twenty bow duel means that Jacksepticeye now has a 100% win rate in MCC Dodgebolt.



Team Pink Parrots trained hard for Minecraft Championship Pride 2022, but one area they neglected to cover was some of the crafting recipes and mechanics in Minecraft.

Jacksepticeye and Ethan, not being experts at Minecraft, had a bit of trouble keeping up throughout Grid Runners, an escape room-type minigame that relies heavily on puzzle-solving.

One challenge had the four members of the pink team scrambling together the ingredients to craft a cake. Ranboo and Sapnap knew immediately what to get and how to get it, but the other two were a bit lost in trying to gather ingredients.

Ethan, who was trying to collect milk, yelled out in frustration when he couldn't figure out how to obtain it:


This comical quote was the second and final quote from Minecraft Championship Pride 2022 that ended up trending on Twitter.

1) Wilbur takes over Shubble's Ace Race


Will "Wilbur Soot" Gold is known for his enemies-to-lovers saga regarding the minigame Ace Race. Although Wilbur wasn't participating in Minecraft Championship Pride 2022, that didn't stop him from bursting into Shubble's room and taking over her computer to play Ace Race.

wilbur bursting into shelby's room, scaring the shit out of her, then shoving her out of the way so he can play ace race is one of the most wilbur things I've ever watched

Some fans might feel like they were robbed of Shubble, someone who's asexual, playing the special asexual-themed Ace Race. The moment was far too funny and memorable for all involved, including one of the event coordinators on Team Yellow Yaks with Shubble, Scott "Smajor" Major.

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