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How to make Paper in Minecraft

Paper is one of those items in Minecraft that isn’t completely useful by itself but is used in so many important crafting recipes. 


Paper is the building block of so many different recipes that it’s necessary to know how to make it. Things like books, bookshelves, maps, and quite a few more items are made with paper. 


Required Items to make Paper:

The required materials to make a paper are:

  1. Crafting table
  2. Sugar cane


How to make Paper in Minecraft?

To make paper, you first need to make a crafting table. 

This guide explains more about how to make a crafting table.


After you have made your crafting table, the next step is finding some sugar cane. To make one piece of paper, you need 3 sugar cane.


Sugar cane can be found anywhere around your Minecraft world as long as it is next to water. Sugar cane only grows beside lakes, rivers, and oceans in the game, as it needs a water source next to it.

Sugar cane can be found next to water


It is best to collect the sugar cane you find and then proceed to make a sugar cane farm from there, for ease and accessibility later. 


This block grows incredibly quick and can grow up to 4 blocks tall, so collecting enough for any project will not be too difficult.


Once you have collected enough sugar cane, you can place down your crafting table to make the paper.

Place sugarcane in crafting table to make the paper


First, open the crafting table GUI.

Open the crafting table GUI


Next, place three pieces of sugar cane along the length of one of the rows in the table. 

This will make the paper you need. Paper is made in threes, meaning that with the first craft you will get 3 pieces of paper to use, which is enough for a single book.

Place three pieces of sugar cane in a row


Give Command for Paper in Minecraft:

/give @p minecraft:paper 1

Explainer Video



Congratulations! You have now succeeded in making paper! With paper, you can make so many things, including enchantment tables, bookshelves, maps, and more! Although paper doesnt seem to be too interesting on its own, its vital for upgrading your gear to the max, so make sure you use it when you can!

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