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How to make arrows in Minecraft

Arrows in Minecraft were added in the 0.15.0 update and primarily act as ammunition for bows, crossbows and dispensers. They can be modified to apply effects on players and mobs via the use of lingering potions to create “tipped arrows”. Arrows are also a critical tool for fighting the ender dragon.

You’re also able to obtain arrows from killing skeletons, but this guide primarily explains how to make them yourself!

Items you need to make an arrow:

First, you will need a crafting table. If you're at all unsure as to how to make one, check out this guide.

These will be the materials you will need to combine in a crafting table:

  1. 1 Stick
  2. 1 Flint
  3. 1 Feather

How to make an arrow in Minecraft?

Step 1.) You will need to break a tree and obtain wood, which you will then craft into sticks.

Break a tree and obtain wood

Step 2.) You will need to find gravel to dig up, which when broken has a chance of giving you flint.

This metallic looking block is what gravel is.

Find gravel to dig up flint

Once the gravel is broken, you have a chance of getting a flint which looks like this.

Once the gravel is broken you have a chance of getting a flint

Step 3.) You will need to obtain a feather. To do so, you need to slay a chicken.

Chickens drop Raw Chicken and a Feather upon death.

Chickens drop Raw Chicken and a Feather upon death

Step 4.) Finally, you will have to combine all of these items in a crafting table to make an arrow.


Step 5.) Once your arrow is created, simply drag it out of the crafting table menu and into your own inventory.

List of all tipped arrows in Minecraft

  1. Arrow of Fire Resistance
  2. Arrow of Harming
  3. Arrow of Healing
  4. Arrow of Invisibility 
  5. Arrow of Leaping
  6. Arrow of Luck
  7. Arrow of Night Vision
  8. Arrow of Poison
  9. Arrow of Regeneration
  10. Arrow of Slowness
  11. Arrow of Strength
  12. Arrow of Swiftness
  13. Arrow of Water Breathing
  14. Arrow of Weakness
  15. Arrow of Slow Falling
  16. Arrow of the Turtle Master
  17. Arrow of Decay
  18. Spectral Arrow

How to make Tipped Arrows in Minecraft

Tipped Arrows can be crafted easily via surrounding the appropriate lingering potion with arrows in a regular crafting table menu.

For example, to craft an arrow of Poison, simply surround a lingering poison potion with arrows as such:

To craft an arrow of Poison, simply surround a lingering poison potion

To make any other tipped arrow variant, simply switch the lingering potion type!

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FAQs on Arrows

Q. Which weapons shoot arrows?

Both bows and crossbows are weapons that are able to take arrows as ammunition. Alternatively, arrows can be shot directly from dispensers; this is commonly seen in automated trap designs. 

Q. How much damage do arrows do in Minecraft?

The damage the arrows do depends on how long you charge the bow for. For example, if you charge a bow for 0.1 seconds it will deal half a heart of damage, if you charge the bow for 0.2 - 0.9 seconds it will deal 3 hearts of damage and if you charge the bow for 1+ seconds it will deal between 4 and 5 hearts of damage; this is due to the additional chance of a critical hit.




Arrows in Minecraft are needed for using a bow, crossbow or dispenser. They are also very vital to core gameplay mechanics due the fact you will need a bow of some sort with arrows to beat the ender dragon. Additionally, you’re able to make arrows into tipped arrows which allow application of different potion effects, thus providing a significant boost in both power and utility.

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