Top 5 Dream Minecraft Challenge Videos

"Minecraft, but the mobs are controlled by a player..." (Image via Dream on YouTube)
"Minecraft, but the mobs are controlled by a player..." (Image via Dream on YouTube)

Clay "Dream," might be known primarily for his renowned "Minecraft Speedrunner Versus Hunters" series, but he's also known for taking part in several different Minecraft Challenges.

Dream doesn't upload these challenge videos very often. He's always found participating in challenges alongside George "GeorgeNotFound" Davidson and Nick, "Sapnap" on their channels.

These challenges often gear towards the more challenging side. Such as, "Beating Minecraft Without Leaving The Nether," or, "Minecraft, But It's Pitch Black."

The videos are few and far between, as the last challenge video to appear exclusively on Dream's channel was uploaded nearly six months ago. Without further ado, here are the top five Minecraft Challenge Videos that are exclusive to Dream's channel.

Top 5 Minecraft Challenge Videos that were only uploaded on Dream's channel

5) Minecraft, But A Black Hole Grows Every Second...


Dream, Sapnap, and George are efficient at beating Minecraft when they're working together. But what happens when a devastating black hole pursues them down to their last moments? Absolute chaos.

Blood is sucked into the black hole several times within the first few minutes of the video. They realize that outrunning this astronomical destruction will be harder than they initially anticipated.

The challenge remains unresolved. After many deaths, and a long time spent attempting to flee the black hole, the three finally end the video with the creation of their nether portal.

Dream does tease part two at the end, with the white text on the nether portal loading screen stating:

"100,000 likes for part two :)"

The video currently has well over a million likes, so Dream might be overdue on this one. Viewers are aching to find out whether or not this black hole challenge is too formidable for even these three to beat.

4) Minecraft, But It's A Zombie Apocolypse


Despite there being pre-existing zombie apocalypse mods for the game, this modification, made by Dream and George themselves, might take the cake for being the most immersive and challenging.

The two must complete the game all while different types of zombies hunt them down. There are zombies that multiply when killed, explode, sit on the player's head to restrict their vision,etc.

Will Dream and George be able to overcome the apocalypse and beat the Ender Dragon? They'll definitely need to channel their inner Ellie and Joel from, "The Last Of Us," for this challenge.

3) Minecraft Death Swap


This challenge doesn't have a massive goal in mind. There is a more... chaotic goal in mind here.

Dream and George will switch bodies every five minutes. In those five minutes, they must construct death traps for the other. Whoever dies to their respective trap first loses.

The goal is to stay on their feet and be quick about, not only creating useful traps, but also making decisions on the spot that could prevent the success of the death trap set up for them.

2) Minecraft Block Shuffle


This challenge has a concept similar to that of the "Color Shuffle" Minecraft Minigame. Color Shuffle's premise is to match the wool in the player's inventory to the wool on the ground. Players must stand on that respective color of wool before time runs out. If they're caught not standing on the correct color, they lose.

Instead of matching wool, this challenge matches random blocks. Dream and George use a randomizer modification that tells each of them a different random block in the game. If they're not standing on that block within five minutes, they lose.

It's infinitely more challenging than its predecessor, as the randomizer could choose any block from cobblestone to diamond. But, that added challenge is all part of the fun.

1) Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Random And Multiplied...


This challenge might look a bit familiar to viewers. That's because, technically, it's a challenge that was also done on George's channel. However, both videos are completely different.

The randomization of items is completely different for their respective video. Each is it's own separate challenge instead of two different perspectives on the same one.

The premise of the challenge is to navigate the random drop items and ultimately beat the game. The items that drop are randomized, and the amount that drops is also random. Dream's randomizer sets it so not only are certain blocks excluded from the game entirely, but other blocks might be randomly put in more than once.

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